Echoes of soft ripples in the night,
like waves that lick against
the shores
of my mind and body,
lighting my eyes
(the way only you can),
and guiding you to me
in an ocean of smiles
and uncontrollable kisses –
you don’t have to say a word,
your mouth writes vast seas upon my lips,
and my tongue replies in swirls
and eddies of wet touches.

Your everything
is an instant reflection of my desires –
your fingerprints on my spine
leave salt-stained proof
of my happiness.
I insist on keeping you close to my breath,
because I can’t get enough
of the sin you leave inside me,

Beads of sweat,
like little crystal balls,
soak up our memories of this night,
recording the passion,
to tell it in the future, so
we would never forget
where I belong –
drifting endlessly
in your arms…

– Chatty Owl –


I wanted to be cured of madness that lived inside me. The delicious illness that made me jump in my sleep, thinking you are next to me, holding my dainty neck captive, so I could only breathe when you let me. I wanted to hide your clothes and throw away keys from all those doors that I’ve locked, because I was too proud to ask, if you were to come back here again. Spinning rooms and out-of-breath love
confessions were moments I remember most.

I miss those side effects of you.

– Chatty Owl –


You grab my chin and force me to look up at you. I know you know that it’s the only way you’ll get my attention.

“I like it, when you are silent and don’t say a word. Then I convince myself that you are listening”, you say.

I want to tell you that you are not wrong. Of course I listen to you. I just don’t hear your words. They aren’t important. But I don’t want to continue this conversation.

“I want you to have a future”, I change the subject calmly.
“I want you to delete your past”, you snap back hastily.

Don’t we all want the impossible…

– Chatty Owl –



I can’t stop
thinking about your words,
asking me to watch the mirror,
as it reflects my own image.
I want to wear
that one thing,
that you like the most –
my devotion.
Nipples, erect.
Soft skin, that I’m touching
as instructed.
Your words guide my hands
to please your mind
via my body.
You know what I want
way better than I do,
and that’s why I’m losing sleep
over the urge
to never stop thinking
about you.

– Chatty Owl –


You hate me
for the mistakes of my grandfather
that I carry in my
mighty DNA
of numbers,
but this is me,
with my body
and voice,
and the green-ness of my eyes,
talking to you
in a voice of a girl,
poetry of a woman,
and wisdom of a human
that married my grandfather
(that you hate so much),
but you love me,
So don’t judge the book
by it’s blood

– Chatty Owl –


I expand in your thoughts,
like an overflowing river,
that divides east and west
of the universe.
We were always on opposite sides,
as if someone placed us there
to see,
if we would fight an honest battle,
or just nonchalantly ignore
each other’s presence.
I have this unexplainable inkling
to return to your world
with a bang,
to shatter glasses on your desk,
and become the muse
of your sober days.
I want to seduce
your ability to stay awake
for hours, endlessly,
and I want to wet your lips
with my blood
instead of the wine
we used to share from one glass.
I want to be the secret,
that you have hidden away
under floorboards.

I want to do it so much,
I just don’t know how to.

– Chatty Owl –


You play the victim,
but all I see is an abusive coward,
that murdered my mind and got caught.
Words leave your mouth
(that I used to kiss with such a hunger),
and they evoke anger,
because they taste
of a deliberately provoked jealousy in me.
I answer you
in a series of questions,
that leave my heart aching
(and I instantly regret asking),
so I scream,
in order to drown out answers
that you probably won’t dare to even whisper.
You told me,
that she reminded you of me,
but honey,
every man is a spitting image of you,
I just never gave them the pleasure.
Loyalty is measured
by the ever-growing thickness of the rope
that ties us to each other…
and baby,
I’m cutting you loose.

– Chatty Owl –


Hi you all. I’m still on my little break, so please be patient with me while I’m taking my time to catch up with all your lovely posts that I actually miss reading.

bodies of the past
days of my
enjoyment. They
fiddle with my memories,
gathering all of them in one
house of disappointment.
Irrational decisions,
juvenile actions, like a flight of a
kite –
lingering above, but not worth
mentioning, yet
not easy to be forgotten.
Obscene images
pirouette in front of my eyes,
queueing up in
rows and rows, forming
silent movies,
undress my soul bare.
Vendettas and revenges
whip their angry fangs at me,
XII hours of regret, while you
yell “help” in the
zenith of our broken life.

– Chatty Owl –


I eavesdrop,
and like a bird of prey,
I watch you from afar.
I sieve your glances
through the filter of my liking,
making judgments,
if I’m still present in your cup of tea.
I know how you take it.
Your day is beautiful with chaos,
while my mind is beautiful with you.
I feel my thoughts leaving
fingertips sometimes,
in a form of hasty written words,
but I never regret those escapees –
they have been held prisoners
for so long.
I’m invisible.
Untraceable by your senses.
I undress my soul for you
as I watch you reveal your body.
We are naked,
on opposite sides of the fence,
that none of us erected,
so in a way..
we are both
within the reach of a hand,
yet unloved
by each other.

– Chatty Owl –


I miss the colour of your words.
They used to taste like a rainbow,
but floated around
like a nighttime bug
turned to dust when touched
by lips of mine.
I swallowed your abc’s
like a bait –
with an enthusiastic passion.
I daydream about you,
your soft voice
and accent, foreign to my ears –
it’s to die for.
I told you once
and I’ll say it again –
you can read
a fridge manual out loud
and I’ll still get sticky wet
just by
listening to you.
Have I told you
that I imagine your hands
in between my legs,
when I read some
random famous poetry
and I burn bridges to my past,
so that you
are the only memory
for me.
I’ve never met you,
nor I ever will,
but my heart belongs to you.

So does my body.
Come, abuse them both.

– Chatty Owl –

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