I can’t stop
thinking about your words,
asking me to watch the mirror,
as it reflects my own image.
I want to wear
that one thing,
that you like the most –
my devotion.
Nipples, erect.
Soft skin, that I’m touching
as instructed.
Your words guide my hands
to please your mind
via my body.
You know what I want
way better than I do,
and that’s why I’m losing sleep
over the urge
to never stop thinking
about you.

– Chatty Owl –

76 Replies to “FADED”

  1. Yes… you have been neglecting wordpress and my page a little. But that’s ok, im not a demanding owl 🙂 Thank you for your support. It always makes me smile to see that I can impress you, because it’s no secret that I always admired how you write yourself!. My passion to write will never stop, but sometimes I need to take breaks myself and refuel my dry and exhausted mind.

  2. Owl…I have waited to long to come back to your page…and I am so pleased to see that you haven’t lost any of your passion, your ferocity, the word imagery. It is beautiful – ever single word flows into the other creating you. Your soul. Your desires. Your fears. It’s so personal. So brave. I can only be left breathless by you…

  3. Devotion requires trust which in turn requires total honesty which is only achieved when two people make the choice to bare their souls to one another; this is neither common nor easy so when it’s achieved it’s something to be admired and marveled at and brings with it a level of intimacy rarely experienced by two people!

  4. Wow. Miss Owl, you are certainly back….
    Or on your back, metaphorically speaking. 😉
    And a most welcome return it is. X

  5. Your words, Chatty, like the lovers words, ask the reader to go deeper into their own senses and abandon their own expectations and ego, yet are not as direct or as guiding to be intrusive. They linger in this reader’s mind much like the lover does in the narrators thoughts. A beautiful piece of writing!

    1. Hey Ana. Thanks for reading into my words and feeling the emotion in them. Sometimes it’s hard for me to express myself in the correct way, but seeing comments like yours here on my blog, makes me smile and encourage me to continue writing.

  6. Wow, what an amazing testament to the impact one person can have on another. I’m happy for you, that you have such a person in your life.

  7. Words that amazingly paint a clear picture of commitment and dedication to goals… I think about “Faded” title and can’t help but wonder if mirror (and thus oneself’s reflection) is foggy… In which case, it adds a bit of reality to piece… Self perception is a factor in every relationship… The intimate play drives home point, where trust has been earned and returned… Oh, the things we do when we are truly happy, and willing to rise up to challenges…

    1. What I was trying to show here is that intimacy requires devotion and total trust, otherwise the real pleasure cannot be achieved. The title, on the other hand, was a bit unexpected even for myself, it just sort of popped in my head.

    2. Yes.. 🙂 I absolutely see that… Though you recapped it so much better than I (poet’s advantage ;p ) … I know you are very purposeful with last lines and titles. The unusual title connection was fun to think about … Perhaps overthink about..

    1. No need to apologize… My departure was needed… No longer able to hide behind the Mask I once ore. I had to find a new one 😉 Anyway, I am so happy that are paths have crossed again. Perhaps we can write a collaboration together like we once did…

    1. Thank you, John. So nice to see you around my playground again. I’m very glad that you caught on the trust and intimacy. Thank you.

  8. well, after producing nothing but “blank sheets of paper”, you certainly come out with some fantastic words to throw onto the paper. i love this one!!

    1. It just came to be honest. Some lines were lingering in my head for a while, I just sort of knotted them together. Im surprised it even made sense. Anyway, thank you. Maybe slowly I’ll get back to normal..

  9. Long time ago,
    I´ve accidentally open your WP and I was reading few poems and I liked them — so I decided to follow your writing. Yes, writings. That´s the word.
    Anyway, I´ve read one poem and there was a photo of a girl hugging herself. I´ve wrote that photo don´t help my imagination — ´cause if there was no photo, I would imagine that girl and what her emotions are…bla bla bla…
    Here, I´ve seen this photo, I´ve read the poem. I still believe that photos as description of your poems (or any poems) are superfluous (What a word pooing!) — but now, this photo doesn´t have that function; it´s just a photo. And a good one!
    Keep doing your work!

    1. I remember that comment of yours! You were criticizing me left, right and center! 😛 but i see what you mean, very often (if not always), it’s much better to leave the visual hidden, so the reader could apply their own associations to written words. But im glad i managed to pull it off this time 😉

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