I eavesdrop,
and like a bird of prey,
I watch you from afar.
I sieve your glances
through the filter of my liking,
making judgments,
if I’m still present in your cup of tea.
I know how you take it.
Your day is beautiful with chaos,
while my mind is beautiful with you.
I feel my thoughts leaving
fingertips sometimes,
in a form of hasty written words,
but I never regret those escapees –
they have been held prisoners
for so long.
I’m invisible.
Untraceable by your senses.
I undress my soul for you
as I watch you reveal your body.
We are naked,
on opposite sides of the fence,
that none of us erected,
so in a way..
we are both
within the reach of a hand,
yet unloved
by each other.

– Chatty Owl –

43 Replies to “BOUNDARIES”

  1. Every time I read your prose, Ms Owl, it just screams of “it.” You have “it,” and “it” is amazing!!
    Each line seems its own tale; greatly enjoyed!!! šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks šŸ™‚ See, there is something very intimate and personal about how the other person drinks his coffee or tea. At least where I’m living in. Traditions mix with feelings, leaving us wonder, why we connect with certain people so well..

    1. It’s kind of funny how that’s work though, isn’t it? How we feel that a piece of work isn’t that good but others are just awed by it? I liked it. šŸ™‚

    1. That is the best way to live – with no regrets. Otherwise they eat you from inside and leave you a useless empty shell.

    1. thanks – from your poem I was thinking of MAD, the mutually assured destruction that nuclear nation states promise…. and how desire can devastate too.

  2. Stunning! Especially:
    “if Iā€™m still present in your cup of tea.
    I know how you take it.
    Just evoked so much for me. Knowing how someone takes their tea is so personal, and in a way, intimate. Clever poem, beautifully written šŸ™‚

    1. Right? That is so true, that intimate knowledge of how the other person takes his/her coffee/tea. And dunks a shortbread in it. It’s just.. I can smell the warm milk and it makes my eyes water.

  3. Hmmm.. I see this post is a lot different from your regular ones and so it leaves me *smiling*. I think there should not be any need of filtering anything. I am not sure about the cup of tea but you can be a ‘glass of whisky’ for anyone. Cheers!! šŸ˜€

  4. I’ll always read your pieces three times, first for the first impression, second to confirm or expand that impression, and third to truly understand. It is in the first two I see deeply into myself, and in the third, see deeply into you.

  5. Such a sensual, delicious incantation. As much as a taste of this deliciousness is to sample the forbidden fruit in the garden of your mind. Beautiful.

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