Hi you all. I’m still on my little break, so please be patient with me while I’m taking my time to catch up with all your lovely posts that I actually miss reading.

bodies of the past
days of my
enjoyment. They
fiddle with my memories,
gathering all of them in one
house of disappointment.
Irrational decisions,
juvenile actions, like a flight of a
kite –
lingering above, but not worth
mentioning, yet
not easy to be forgotten.
Obscene images
pirouette in front of my eyes,
queueing up in
rows and rows, forming
silent movies,
undress my soul bare.
Vendettas and revenges
whip their angry fangs at me,
XII hours of regret, while you
yell “help” in the
zenith of our broken life.

– Chatty Owl –

34 Replies to “A-Z”

  1. “nothing fancy, no posing, just a still shot of you moving around naturally”

    The new Avatar of you is extremely charming and delightful. I’ve seen the enchanting dark mysterious side (your lace vial). Now I have had the pleasure of seeing you in pure radiant side. As thought the Gods had made you by hand.

  2. Ms Owl it is wonderful to have you return. I show knowledge in seeing hidden or true meanings in verse, I read and comment on what I love. Your alphabet above flowed so well and I enjoy this style as much as everything you write- thank you. xx

  3. I have recently tried to write a poem very similar starting with each letter of the alphabet, it is really tricky to do and I love how well you have managed 🙂

  4. Began to miss your poems pretty badly 🙂 Let’s hope this little break will inspire for new adventures in the field of Polyhymnia 🙂

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