You grab my chin and force me to look up at you. I know you know that it’s the only way you’ll get my attention.

“I like it, when you are silent and don’t say a word. Then I convince myself that you are listening”, you say.

I want to tell you that you are not wrong. Of course I listen to you. I just don’t hear your words. They aren’t important. But I don’t want to continue this conversation.

“I want you to have a future”, I change the subject calmly.
“I want you to delete your past”, you snap back hastily.

Don’t we all want the impossible…

– Chatty Owl –

24 Replies to “REPRIMAND”

  1. Why do we all want the impossible?
    That is question I’ve been asking… :-/
    Eloquently expressed.

  2. Always good. I have to remember the line “I want you to delete your past.” It is the best comeback for something said that is out of the realm of feasibility. The best one for a line like. “I want you to move on.” or “please forget me.”

  3. Ah, yes, the past and the future, they are like the bad flatmates of the world, they will never get along. Which is why we should live in the present. To quote the great philosopher that is Winnie the Pooh:

    ‘What day is it?’
    ‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet.
    ‘My favourite day,’ said Pooh.

    1. You!!!!!!!! Im gonna rant now. Oh you just listen!!!!! Why cant i comment on your posts any more?! Its so frustrating! Argh!!!!!! But yes, Pooh was smart. So are you. And so is the lady in this poem. People should live in present and stop overthinking shit.

    2. All the posts on the blog are pre-scheduled (except for the odd one here and there) as I have limited internet access for a bit as I am travelling around Ireland, climbing mountains and meditating with monks as I try to find myself and talk to badgers, so I turned the comments off rather than leave people hanging. Judging by the amount of pissed off e-mails and tweets, I should probably have explained this on the blog but there you go…

      The comments will return very soon….and so will I.

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