Our stories add up
like multiplying numbers –
a progression
that has no end in your mind,
but digresses in sadness
that already met its end.
Suddenly nothing sums up –
life is all about a lottery,
wishful thinking is a promise of better days,
but in the end…
…it’s just a useless piece of
floating paper
you throw in the air.

36 Replies to “AIMLESSLY”

  1. Hanging on the line of ‘wishful thinking as a promise of better days’ as powerful and hopeful. Perhaps my simple mind but love the direction of this line. Another beautifully heart felt written prose.

    1. Thank you once again. To see that my words evoke some thoughts abd touch other people’s hearts is such a compliment.

  2. So beautifully sad.
    I’d hold on to that wish, hoping it grows stronger than the flimsy paper

  3. I’ll take a promise of better days over a memory of past pains any day. No matter how useless it seems. Maybe that’s what makes me an optimist. X

  4. Owl,

    You’re to good! Damn you write so freggin well I ain’t laughing. Someone is going to know you and then the life you never thought would come will then begin… I get excited just thinking of it!
    When I tweeted your last poem I don’t know if you realize but about 15 people re-tweeted your poem. That is more than any other posting I have ever had. Wonder why? Maybe others already know you or there is just something about your words that click with people. I counted the number of people each had re-tweeted to and it was about 200,000. I am not sure if you knew that or not? Okay my precious Darling of greatness…until your words meet us again….

    1. It’s been a while since i heard from you! Good to see you around! Thank you for all your support and all the kind words you always have for me, dear. Im flattered to hear that my words have such an impact on you! Big smiles over here. Dont be a stranger!

    2. Strangers? I have always thought we were engaged but of course I guess not but the interaction well worth the reality….My darling have a wonderful month, years and life…Till next time….All my love is for you Precious…Thanks and Bye till….. claudy

    3. You know that your words are always welcome here! Dont know how we drifted apart a little and stopped talking! Lets fix that. Hope you are feeling well and things are good and positive there in sunny Florida!

    4. My well stacked “Cupcake”, of course that sun be a shining. I am working very hard on my book…the final edit. Really it is a textbook that is my Golden Goose Project that I have been working on and off for about 25 years…Sooo I am really doing it to it. My Love Lamb, I just know there is bright and shiny in your cards and I can’t wait and super excited for you…It is coming and going to happen for you my Sweet and just think of it! A great person that gets just how glorious and worships the ground you walk… I promise it is coming sooner than later so be ready and until then…..claudy

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