I said,
we need to exchange words,
like we used to exchange fluids.
I want to kiss you
with a mouthful of sentences,
because that’s the only way
for you to digest them.
I’ll throw up words,
as you play with my mind,
as our bodies play with each other,
and it will be such a beautiful ending
to this party.
I should pinch your skin,
so you would know, you’re not dreaming,
and make you a promise,
that you won’t wake up
tomorrow morning,
that I was just another imaginary lover
in your head.
I will be as real,
as those kisses I’m giving you now.

We need to exchange words,
I say again,
because you know what?
Our conversations are nothing
but a pile of monologues,
that get distorted as we breathe on them,
(as if attempting to warm them up
and make the situation better).

We need to talk.
And don’t worry,
my coldness is not contagious.
But it’s certainly not easily lived with.

– Chatty Owl –


  1. I accept I’ve been lost
    when I used to be remembered.

    Now my mind reckons the cost
    for my heart to be quite embered.

    Because my soul begs for your presence
    when I read those beautiful sentences.

    And the joy they brought
    when you shared your thougths
    Now it is lost in time
    trying to make this rhyme
    when I share my breath
    to say: Keep the Faith

  2. Reminded me of what I wrote last week, but you have put it far more eloquently lovely Owl, 4th to 7th line eek I so love, a compelling and realistic read of when it can go so wrong. Scrummy! 🙂 x

  3. Reading this over and over to find it more amazing with each read. Speaking the reality of relationships.

  4. Coldness is not easily lived with at all. If only words could touch and feel and kiss as you describe, instead of waiting on a page to be misinterpreted and overthought!

  5. You know I’ve always wondered how it is that some couples can run out of things to talk about and it leads to a breakup while other couples can sit quietly together in the same room without speaking a word and be totally comfortable and at peace with each other! As always, your words carry such power and emotion behind them that one can’t help but really feel it when they read them!!

  6. I had to go through and read this a couple of times, which is a very good thing. It really made me think about relationships and our words which need to be more than fluff. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us Mz Owl! 🙂

  7. Owl,
    You are hilarious! I just know the right one for you will be begging and will not take your “hell no” for an answer… What a gift you are. Please never settle for anything less than spectacular. The planets will part and you like a dove will descend onto the scene and the rest will be history! My Blog Idol… I just love your way with words…. claudy

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