Voice version of the poem

I push your hugs away from me –
the warmth evaporates
into the cold mist of gloomy London,
and that’s what makes this city
so beautiful –
an expired love of forgotten craving.

It’s a factory of pleasure.

I stop clocks
and slowly break the time in half
before it breaks
into a million pieces of (un)reserved
seconds for you.
They drip
and gallop at a pace of my falling tears.

That are not even real.

I transform myself
from one bird into another,
disguising my feathers
under camouflaged colours of attraction.

I know you want to pick me up
and take me home.
Oh baby,
I’m not that domestic.

– Chatty Owl –

50 Replies to “TO BE ANOTHER”

  1. ‘Accidental and unplanned’ makes your gift even greater than expected. It was always my thinking that owls always planned. Myth busted then!

  2. Your abilities to capture raw emotion and turn into such prose is so truly a gift. Makes ones mind race to places untraveled. Anticipating your next writing already.

  3. As wonderful a dark and yet sharp, modern, emotional and yet detached poem, inscribed and with a graceful sardonic apathy…

    Greatly enjoyed, thank you!

    Although I must admit too that the comments (barring this one of course) are almost equally interesting, to see how your words lead in so many different directions when different minds process them inside their own composed realities!

    1. Very often im self conscious about my diction. And the fact that i sound 12, haha. (Once someone told me the opposite, but it must have been a madman!) thank you for being sweet x

  4. Even freedom comes at a price but sometimes the desire to be free is so great that we are willing to give anything for it. Owls aren’t meant to live in cages and you are no exception, and as always, your words move me in ways I don’t even understand…please keep writing M

    1. Thank you. Sometimes its difficult to find words and turn them into something readable. But i do try. And yes, owls shouldnt be caged. But then again, nobody should….

  5. I really liked the end. Reminds me of animals in the wild, beautiful and majestic. I’m so domestic my animal could be a cow, 😆

    Thanks for sharing with us Owlie. 🙂

  6. Striking write, as usual. I loved this part:”Seductively
    I transform myself
    from one bird into another,
    disguising my feathers
    under camouflaged colours of attraction.”, and ofcourse, you dont need to mention London twice to get me tied to a poem 🙂

  7. Great to have both read and written versions, been meaning to do that myself, so now I will get on and do it! Thanks and I really like reading your work.

  8. I very much enjoyed hearing you read.

    I suppose the wild heart fears capture over all things, ,but surrender to love is a daring thing too.

    1. Thank you, dearest. The wild heart should never be captured. It should be freed even more by love. No? I could be wrong, of course.

    2. sometimes in boundaries we find freedom. Even the wary fox looks for a safe haven to rest when weary.
      Just postulating, of course.

    1. Thank you! Oh it is, owls are always fine 🙂 and im glad you enjoyed that line – it was evoked by wanting to break my bedroom clock that ticks too loud.

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