I carefully pick lighthearted words
to make them drift gently,
like a transparent smoke,
where they sound all muffled
and less conspicuous.

(Unlike my feelings at the moment,
weighing heavily
in the murk of a gloomy night).

I want to fall
into this darkness of my own nightmare,
so I could chase my own footsteps
and remember the day,
when I first felt your importance
in this world.
You wore a cloak
of unapproachable air about you,
that I couldn’t stop breathing in
and out –
knowing my not-so-obedient nature.
I watched your lips move,
inventing all inaudible sounds,
that got my mind thinking
of cherry blossom trees
and maple syrup sweetness.
I stooped as low
as my pride would allow me,
but that made no difference
to how you saw me –
in awe with you.
I turned your life around,
and it reminded you
of that first flush of morning,
when I told you, that
kidnapping hearts is what I do best.
I preserve them
in faded envelopes
and empty mason jars,
making sure
I never let them beat again.
Some things are better bottled up
and hidden away
in a locked up cupboard
of secret things.

– Chatty Owl –

58 Replies to “FLUSHED”

  1. Such powerful and illustrative words. Hoping there comes a time when the faded envelopes and Mason jars are no more.

    1. Totally understandable, it is me after all hahaha 😜 I was honestly saying how I admire that, when you want something, you get it, and you don’t quit until you do 🙂

  2. I would have to say my now favourite…but it’s so hard to choose, this for your opening stanza to your last line, to the reality of it, I saw a little of myself in this… Your line ~ I never let them beat again ~ stunning xx

  3. hell, i bet that’s quite an impressive collection of hearts you got stashed away. and most of us are fool enough to submit to that. very nice write.

    1. I suppose when one lays a trap for the tigress, sweetened with champagne and caviar – dawn discovers the rumpled silken sheets – which heart the hunter, which the prey ?

  4. Hello beautiful one.
    The lines:

    “…I preserve them
    in faded envelopes
    and empty mason jars,
    making sure
    I never let them beat again…”

    Poetry at its finest.
    So passionate.
    Always so impressed
    by you 🙂

  5. I am a collector – I keep many things though recently I threw out a whole collection – 4 years worth of words, memories, photos – trashed them. They were not worthy of being with my other treasures. Not anymore.

    1. We talked about it no? Partly coz it fits in with a lot of my life… I created a story around your words. And partly coz the story you created is so powerful and uniquely you

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