I expand in your thoughts,
like an overflowing river,
that divides east and west
of the universe.
We were always on opposite sides,
as if someone placed us there
to see,
if we would fight an honest battle,
or just nonchalantly ignore
each other’s presence.
I have this unexplainable inkling
to return to your world
with a bang,
to shatter glasses on your desk,
and become the muse
of your sober days.
I want to seduce
your ability to stay awake
for hours, endlessly,
and I want to wet your lips
with my blood
instead of the wine
we used to share from one glass.
I want to be the secret,
that you have hidden away
under floorboards.

I want to do it so much,
I just don’t know how to.

– Chatty Owl –

66 Replies to “MUSE”

  1. “I want to be the secret,
    that you have hidden away
    under floorboards.”

    These words are unbelievably romantic, and to me has an underlying possessive tone. What woman doesn’t want her man to cherish her like a queen? I’m finding it hard to pick a favourite poem of yours, this one sounds like velvet and banked longing passion. Delicious!

    1. My understanding of romance is slightly different than others have, I guess, but I’m glad you picked that up πŸ™‚ And yes, who doesn’t like to be adored?! I know I surely do πŸ˜‰ Thanks for coming round, honey!

  2. Amazing writing, Chatty, and I especially love
    “I want to be the secret,
    that you have hidden away
    under floorboards.”
    I have no doubt you know how! πŸ™‚
    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. seductive with the simplicity of an atom, which is to say highly complex, explosive. tony

    1. what may pass for wisdom is nothing more than experience and education – my admiration of the owlish mind relates to my comments on Interlude – I know anonymity is important to you, but my sense is that you are wise beyond your relative youth, and lovely of heart -there is a highly enjoyable cosmopolitan sophistication to all that you write

    2. Yes, you picked that up really well – my anonymity is very important to me, but I observe others with such interest, it leaves me breathless sometimes to see details about certain people. Thank you for being observant with me. And the praise about me being wise is the highest compliment I could receive from you.

    1. Thanks Oloriel… I think this poem was driven a lot by desperation, which makes the magnetic side of your comment slightly true πŸ™‚

    1. I occasionally rent space at The Gallery on 28 Cork Street when I have appointments with my muses and models.

  4. ‘I want to be the secret,
    that you have hidden away
    under floorboards’

    I mean, c’mon now…who writes that & gets away with it?? Um, you do, Ms Owl. Brilliant post. I love your prose because you are always so sure of yourself

    1. I get away with it hahahaha you know, the thing that always makes me smile is your praise being so big, when you could be boasting about your writings instead! Because come on, your stories are amazing, your imagination is to be jealous of and your writing skills are outstanding!

    1. Something you can’t have equals a challenge. So yes, that makes one to go, to do, to achieve, to get.. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Im glad you thought it was thought-provoking enough.

  5. “I want to do it so much,
    I just don’t know how to.”

    Witchcraft – it’s the only way πŸ˜‰ – seriously, superb – thanks for sharing – Cheers J

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