I expand in your thoughts,
like an overflowing river,
that divides east and west
of the universe.
We were always on opposite sides,
as if someone placed us there
to see,
if we would fight an honest battle,
or just nonchalantly ignore
each other’s presence.
I have this unexplainable inkling
to return to your world
with a bang,
to shatter glasses on your desk,
and become the muse
of your sober days.
I want to seduce
your ability to stay awake
for hours, endlessly,
and I want to wet your lips
with my blood
instead of the wine
we used to share from one glass.
I want to be the secret,
that you have hidden away
under floorboards.

I want to do it so much,
I just don’t know how to.

– Chatty Owl –

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