You told me,
that my hands are always cold.
Especially my fingertips.
I blamed it on the weather
the foggy air of moody London,
but we both knew,
this is just how I am.


You tried
to cunningly defrost my soul
and make my thoughts
all thawed and leaking water,
all it did,
was built defences higher
and suddenly
all doors got shut.

A heavy weight of a padlock.

You questioned everything
that popped into your head –
sincerity of my moving lips,
the truthfulness in my eyes,
the husky voice
and my motives.

True or false.

I played with strands of my hair,
to compliment
my misleading nervous answers,
while your orders
got more strict by a second,
creating waves of insecurity.
We played a game,
all back and forth,
tossing each others hearts
into the air.


In the end,
there were only words left to play with,
so this is why I write.
Like this.

– Chatty Owl –

83 Replies to “THE PAST”

    1. At the beginning i was awfully hesitant about recording this, but you know what they say, bravery comes with practice!
      I just enjoy whispering words into the microphone for everyone to listen to. Sometimes the tone of voice says more than just typed words.

  1. Can’t believe i have missed so many writings..i can listen to you read for hours. Your words brilliant, always.

    1. you are not the only one who didnt get it, even though a dozen people did. do you want me to send you another one?

  2. Beautiful poem .Deep thoughts yet strong.The dialogue excellent .l liked the end.Thank you for liking my recent posts.(Alaska) Jalal

  3. The spoken word revealed so much without ever lifting the veil that is the mystery and addiction behind your written words. Feelings are a tricky thing to capture…but you’ve found that trick and bent it into the unquie shape that is CHATTY OWL! Thank you…from now until forever.

    1. You always say the things i want to hear. Thank you for being such a big support! Well, im not deliberately trying to make my writings any different, but im glad you think they stand out πŸ™‚

    2. I’m glad they do as well and that I was smart enough to check your works out. I’m thankful for that so there is no need to thank me…I thank you for being such a fantastic poet!

  4. Brilliant! I have always kind of envied writers like you that seem to effortlessly write with such depth and skill. *sigh* .
    This is really nice and sad and nice,ok I think I will just stop here and just say Nice!

    1. Oh no no! Don’t say that πŸ™‚ your writings are great and i always enjoyed them on the poets corner πŸ™‚ but thank you for your compliment. Unfortunately, “effortlessly” only comes now and then to me πŸ™‚

  5. “In the end, there were only words left to play with, so this is why I write. Like this.”
    I so love this passage (as well the entire poem)…oh Ms. Owl, you’re so very, very good πŸ™‚

    1. Flattery only works when there is something flattering to be flattery-luscious about!! (yes, I took liberties with the English language on that one lol) πŸ™‚

  6. your art is one of those rare, rare things that gives me physical pleasure yet has so much intellectual passion as well. i look forward to every poem. xo tony

    1. Tony, these words, coming from you, is such a compliment to me. Knowing how talented serene you are, i feel you are far too kind to me. Thank you.

  7. It’s too late to write concerning shaking limbs when ours hearts are a mess. I just love this and I hope that you are on my side when all my demons try to haunt me and come back to blow out my candles. Lovely.

  8. I dont know about you but the simple act of someone really trying to get me to have the same feelings for them that they have for me always ends up accomplishing the exact opposite. If you keep trying to force something that just wont fit you generally end up causing nothing but harm.

  9. you engage in the most amazing and intelligent dialogues with yourself – and yet you still hide your eyes, in which truth is always (sometimes?) revealed

  10. All questions asked cease to exist once they are answered clearly. While disappearing they may give a bliss. So it’s worth questioning everything πŸ™‚

  11. I see what you did there at the end πŸ˜‰

    Your voice adds so much more to your words. Truly stunning owly.

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