Poet's Corner

Eyes. Closed.
Mouth. Not.
Neither are legs.
Hands. Locked.
Together with yours.
Above us.
Smells. Intensified.
Movements. Quicker.
Than the heart rate.
Lover-like. Affairs.
Animal-like. Actions.
Us. Lusting.
Over each other.
With no. Happy end.
To finish off. With.

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16 Replies to “TRIPPING”

  1. This is fantastic. The quick jump to the next word. Painting a picture with barely saying anything at all. Very hot and sensual catching the very essence of this type of encounter. I love this.

    1. Im so glad you like this! It is slightly different for me, so I wasn’t too sure. Your positive feedback makes me smile 🙂 thanks dear.

    2. I know and the difference is very noticeable but you pull it off so well. It is a fantastic piece of art and it seemed so effortlessly done. I think you should experiment more with this, for sure! 🙂 and you are well deserved of the positive! 🙂

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