I had the urge for you,
similar to that feeling you get
after a night out,
when all you want to do
is get home
and be comfortable
under the warm covers,
except that
covers are always soft
and I turned harsh
on you
right now.
I despise
how your tongue
forks out lies
in a form of honey-glazed words
and how your mouth
turns into the shape
of the infinity,
as you disguise your mistakes
in candy-coated letters
I eye you up,
and my sympathy
turns into anger,
which turns into inspiration,
that I’m not gonna thank you for,
me opening my mouth
is only good for other things,
and they surely
are not
please’s and thank you’s.

– Chatty Owl –

25 Replies to “TWO SENTENCES”

  1. Another beautifully written yet intense piece. A pleasure to read, yet I am disheartened that you are experiencing this (assuming you are writing from personal experience; perhaps you are not). Such is life.

  2. Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering – Master Yoda.
    Don’t be hatin’ gurl! Turn that frown upside down. šŸ˜¦ = šŸ™‚

    Seriously? ~ Scathing & artfully articulate. I worry that my stuff is too schmaltzy and ‘sugar coated’ sometimes – but what do I know? I’m just a blabbering wizard who bandies bitter candy.

    I’d like to see you switch it up; write something on the edge where you don’t feel so comfortable walking or flying, (owl) as in different subject matter from your usual forte. I’m far from expert as you keep telling me (ha) but the stuff I fear to write actually can be the most rewarding and powerful; for me – at least. You’ve got oodles of talent. Exercise it somewhere over the hills & faraway. I bet there is some amazing stuff locked away at the end of your purple rainbow. Probably a lot of gold.

    Listen ~
    Remember ~ Fly safe it’s a big empty sky out there ~

    1. You think so? Didnt mean to make it sad.. Just needed a change from the blue.. (Which I thought was more sad!) šŸ™‚ how are you anyway?

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