Carefully placed fingers
against the pale shades of my skin,
that shivers in silence
and only evaporating heat
can be heard
in the still hours of this darkness.

Accidentally visible shadows
on the light blue wall
touch each other and
to the music of their own movements,
forcing you to look up
and me to observe
– us –
in the form of faceless reflections
that are black in colour.

Your lips purposely sting mine
as I touch you
with a kiss,
which forces my crossed legs
do the opposite.

Trip over me, so we have a reason to touch.

– Chatty Owl –

33 Replies to “I KEEP ON DREAMING”

    1. Thanks, I heard that it looks slightly sad, which wasnt my intention, but i guess im in some black and white mood at the moment. Always glad to see you paying me a visit here πŸ™‚ be safe and hopefully you’ll be less busy soon.

  1. A dream to be touched, not felt… WhereΒ each partner takes notice and reacts as if in trance, knowing that stings lead to pleasure, eventually. When desire rules, details are blurred. What may be remembered most may be the tripping… Someone finally took a chance and asked “Can I have this dance?” The rest, sure to be a dream worth keeping.

    Thanks for sharing these creative words…

    1. I think that is where the biggest problem is – when desire blurs out the line. We are all animals and creatures if passion and desires, its all about how much you let your inner animal to overtake you..

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