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Long time ago I made few promises. Some of them are broken now, but this one…it was always kept intact and sheltered from getting broken. The promise to always stay truthful to myself and keep my soul free. Mundane things passed me by, day after day, and I managed to keep my head above the water and repeat the promise…like a tantrum…to keep my soul free. To have my mind sane.

Close your eyes. Just close them.

All these years of fake happiness.

Pillows, wet with midnight tears.

Dawn, that came few minutes too soon.

Rays of sun, that haven’t dried those tearful dreams for days.

Plans and expectations alter human behavior.

They cage your actions up and make you follow something different to what your heart screams out to.

All these years of sleeping next to another human body.

The vain perception of love.

You are as wanted as you want another person

with few exceptions to the rule…

One day you have to let your soul live. Free.

You know that gripping feeling in your chest that gets tighter and tighter every time you breathe in?

Yes, that one.

The one, that makes you want to gasp for air, but you have none left around you.

Scream out.

Inhale with all your strength.

Let your soul wander free, even if your body stays just an empty shell of total nothing.

Don’t chase the dream.

Be one.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

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