30 steps.

Making a dream closer to reality with every single one you took towards me.

No words. No small talk. Not even a “hi”.

Just closed eyes and very soft kisses. The busy smell of Sunday.

The coffee tasted better off your lips than from a cup.

The most comfortable feeling on the uncomfortable chair.

Yes, you were right. Writing while listening to L. Einaudi can be scary intense.

It is.

But so are my emotions right now.

They haunt me like the kisses on the right side of your stomach.

Turn around.

Turn around!

You left your smell on me and took my heart in return.

And I could not turn around to look at you for the last time.

We are staying solo.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

One Reply to “SOLO”

  1. Words will always be to small to fit all this…

    Day-by-day, untill the end.

    We belong to each other’s dream.

    Keep me there…solo.

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