Your silence
is my favourite sound.
Liquidised thoughts about you
form a poisonous drink
that I abuse every day.
My palm turns into a fist
as I clench my fingers
around a tumbler,
filled with melted amber
that fits my life
so well.

– Chatty Owl –

49 Replies to “EMPTY-MINDED”

  1. Passion and hate; opposites are so attractive when we are in love. You have some great poetry here and an industry of followers and comment dialogue. It must be so tiring. Where do you find the time to connect with so many people?

    I thought I would be a brave lab rat and leave a comment. It’s time to scurry away now…………….

    1. Hmmm. You touched a good subject. I am not spending that much time here as it seems. I post quite rarely and it gives me time to respond to people in between posts. So yeah… But then again, im EXTREMELY good at multitasking and getting things done fast, so i guess it comes down to that as well.

      Im glad you braved up and visited me.

  2. Ah! You’ve got a new look! Elegant but understated.
    Have you ever done a poetry reading before? I can only imagine your voice enunciating each word with utter carefulness, such tones to highlight and dissect. You should know that this isn’t empty flattery, Chatty, if your written words resound so unspoken, what will you voice do to us?

    1. Oh dear, that’s flattery alright! Yes, I did some spoken word, actually. It’s somewhere on my blog in archives. But trust me, it’s not worth listening, haha. I guess it wasn’t a big success, but I have ideas how to make it better, so maybe some time in the future I will try again!

  3. I love how you string your words into an emotion laden movie that just bursts into my mind, very well done

  4. Oh this is interesting. Sounds like so full of… um… not hate but like hate and longing. How the liquid amber is molded into the shape of it all. Very cool Owlie. 🙂

    1. My absolute pleasure Miss Owl. Always love to hear your mind and heart dancing across the cyber ‘page’.

    1. I do and I will try to better at leaving comments… You are so talented and gifted.
      Keep up the good work.

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