promised me
Carefully polished
leather and direct words
that would make me quiver.
Shivering veins of my naive young
body were promised to pump
lust and obedience – a
substance I have


hands were meant
to be guiding me through
ups and downs of my breathing
chest, that holds a heart –
excited and fast for a
moment like this.

A mental

– Chatty Owl –

74 Replies to “POPPED”

  1. Owl,
    Just read your apology! Screw them! Let me inform you of a great slogan in Advertising as stated by my sister with a Masters in it, “Any Publicity Is Good Publicity”. Let them bitch and enjoy the attention…..claudy PS It took a fag to tell you to blow them off! They are flushable items. Push them to the top for everyone to read. Because we and I want to defend you know…..

  2. Again, I love this poem! I love how the structure displays discipline which contrasts with the abandonment of self in this exchange yet mirrors the disciplinary nature of ‘polished leather & direct words’- very evocative!

    1. You pick on the key lines in my poetry and it makes me smile to know that im doing something right. Thank you so much for staying such a great support of my work.

    1. I wanted to add something a good friend of mine just reminded me of:

      “So many dominant types are fraught with emotionally damaged personalities.

      You have to be really, really, REALLY careful in choosing people with whom you’d be willing to surrender control, especially if you yourself are emotionally fragile to begin with. And especially in the world of online – with precious little verification available, and the tendencies of these posers to make themselves appear far more interesting and far more put together than they are in real life.”

      Please, be careful. I’m not so sure you know what you are in for.

      Aftercare is SO important for the sub…but some Masters won’t give it.

      You could end up emotionally fragile. You have to be so careful who you’re going to learn from.

      Have fun, but be safe.

    2. I have NO reason to care, except I don’t want to see another woman destroyed by someone like that. If your master is who I suspect it is, you aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. It’s not about you…it’s never been about ANY of the women…it’s about him.

    3. Hmmm. Now i wonder, if others think the same as you. Just to clear the air – im not a sub for anybody. Never was, online or not. Was i interested? At some point, yes. Did it happen? No. Neither in real life, nor in any virtual setting.

      I agree, one must be very careful. Because its the mind you trust with, along with the body.

      Surprised a little of your assumptions about me, but thank you for your honest comment. I will take care nonetheless.

    4. I am glad to be wrong. Truly. I don’t normally interfere in anybody else’s business. It’s just…I know from personal experience.

      I am highly intuitive, but I admit I have been wrong before. I am glad I am this time.

      I hope you’ll forgive the intrusion. I’m not assuming anything and if I could have taken this privately, I would have.

      I didn’t look to see if you had an email where I could ask you privately.

      Despite the obvious command of your writing craft, I sense a vulnerability in you and there are some people who prey on that. The change in your poetry and your discussions about it left me wondering what was up.

      If I read the situation wrong, I really apologize. I’d rather be embarrassed for being wrong, than see another woman taken for a ride.

      I learned my lesson and I’m sensitive to those who may be his next victim. He’s been on your blog before…playing with you, and you with he. And strangely absent from the commentary of this post. And that doesn’t surprise me, either.

      At least for a while, he had you in his sight. I know this. I know him. I know the game he plays. If he doesn’t have you in his web, I’m glad. Very glad.

      That’s the last I’m going to say about it.

      Be well…

      All the best to you. Keep experimenting with your poetry, it’s quite nice.

    5. Hi. I wake up to people playing heroes here and even though I thought I wont say anything more after your comments yesterday, waking up to more of them made me want to say something.

      I’ll be honest. It irritated me to see that you cant leave this thing alone. Fair enough, you had a thing with him and its all ended now i assume or something along those lines, he probably stalked you, etc etc. but I hate dramas like that. Neither in virtual, nor in real life, I want to be involved in situations like that.

      You warned me earlier on, thank you. I believe I have a perfectly good head on my shoulders to decide for myself. The ironic thing is, I have nothing to do with that man and I told you that ALREADY, yet you still are here, saving me. Flattered as I am, I dont need to be saved. Im not some bimbo im her twenties that doesnt know what she is doing. You mentioned that you think i might like older men fawning over me… How old do you think i am? I aint that young as you assume.

      So thank you for all your concerns, but I would like this to be the end of this childish online drama over nothing.

    6. I’d say you were in your 40s, like me.

      It’s not childish, it’s deadly serious. But if it makes you feel better to ridicule it and me, go right ahead.

      Age is irrelevant to him.

      We had a four year correspondence. I know him quite well. He spilled open a lot of his secrets. He was a delightful companion when he was stable. Prone to delusions and paranoia when he was not.

      He took down his blog because I warned him not to hurt you.

      It’s fine that you feel the way you do about me. I’d rather be wrong (and ridiculed) than right and see another woman be hurt because I stood by and said nothing.

      Peace to you and yours.

    7. For the last time and I will leave this for good.
      I am not talking to him.
      He wants nothing from me.
      I have no intentions in entering any virtual (or not) communications with men, sub/dom or not.
      This post was not written about him

  3. At the end of the day,
    it’s the words whispered
    softly, in such a way
    as to make all our desires
    realized the very moment
    that hot, bated breath
    hits our awaiting ear.

  4. πŸ˜‰
    ItΒ΄s good. You change the the shape of verses! And you did something with a dots, comas and capital letters. Also, This poem is weird heart beat or digital equalizers when you lean head to the right side.

  5. Format is always interesting to consider. This is the only version I have read, so cannot comment on the changes as others have done.
    But the content? Seems to be different in that this protagonist seems happy to temporarily (at least) give away control for the moment.

  6. You changed the structure, I commented but it’s now gone 😦 I don’t think I can remember exactly what I wrote, but it was along the lines of the mind knowing lust, long before the body does. This was quite subservient, submissive. You wrote it well, very emotive. Xx

    1. I was trying to be quick with changing the post, but for some reason i messed up and had to repost it…. But i did have enough time to read your comment.
      You know, i dont know where my thoughts and inspiration comes out of lately. I daydream a lot about things that never happened. Or that happened long time ago. Then a line pops in my head and i usually take it from there. This specific poem was something that longed to do, but never did. X

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