A fantasy. A dream
that I woke up from.
My fractured mind wanted you so badly.
Like an injured fox,
I craved you to look at me.
After me.
Through me.

I wanted you to feel me from inside
allow me to glow in your spotlight.

To belong to you
is something I’m so scared of.
I want to feel your firm hand,
tender kisses,
strict commands
and your sweet orders.


I’m hiding in the cave
with a twisted ankle and an injured heart,
leaving me unable to walk to you
in this dream turned

– Chatty Owl –

55 Replies to “A MELTED CHANCE”

  1. Thanks for checking out the few poems on my page. I like this poem, and will have to read through more of your stuff. I will be posting some more poems in the coming months, including the one I posted today on the blog. Cheers!

    1. I enjoyed watching you read it and overall, it was very inspiring to see what other creative people out there are doing. I sure will be checking your page for new stuff!

  2. I like your words, you have interesting words. I like this poem, fantasies are great retreats when the real thing is just to damned annoyingly not going right. Put that into proper coherent English and you will have yourself a half decent comment.

    1. Always. That’s what I’m best at. Sitting in a quiet corner, watching people be people. And wishing for the impossible dream.

    2. As you know, I enjoy watching people myself. It gives me a sense of escape, where i can make up my own stories if their life and secretly live in them. Even for a moment.

  3. Hello, Ms Owl. I’m not really sure where to put this, so I’ll just write it here… I sent you an email. I just wanted to let you know, in case it found its way into your spam file. 🙂

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