Kisses -
they don't cease to stop.
Minute after minute,
dark coffee from my cup
turns into your drink now - 
from my mouth.
We are exchanging glances,
but I wish to be swapping fluids instead.
Shame seems to leave the room
all that's left is pure attraction
for each other.
Instincts of carnivore.
My mouth is warm 
with your fiery words,
our hands are full of each other,
and I can't stop asking,
if you really love me.

- Chatty Owl -

61 Replies to “A DATE”

  1. the sensual act of breakfast is very prominent in many of your proses. The early morning when we gently sit revealed before each other half clothed and messy haired. Sharing each others inner beauty shinning brightly. You always capture that image so vividly. Actually for me…the last line almost summed that all up. I feel insecurities are always abound in the morning because of how naked we are. how real we are. That haunting, longing last line “and I can’t stop asking, if you really love me” begs for the partner to accept who we really are.
    Love this Owly, :)! Completely gorgeous. As always. 🙂

    1. Spot on with your comment there, dear! 🙂 so happy you saw that part. Its the total open image of who we are in the morning and the acceptance of another person.
      You are brilliant!

    2. You are the brilliant one being able to capture that beautifully intimate moment. I’m just a humble observer, :). You are fantastic wordsmithtress! Thank you, owly!

    3. I have invented it especially for you! 🙂 use and abuse it as much as you would like.

  2. You’ve only gone and done it again 🙂
    This is crackling with energy, temptation and … what a marvellous final line.
    leaving me (every reader perhaps ??) sensing all is not (quite so) well.
    Excellent in every sense of the word!

  3. Biased in my praise, I am continually amazed by your word play. Deliberate visions of your spell help weave my adoration in your words. At the risk of sounding completely enamored with your poetry, I, once again, join the masses in my appreciation for your brilliance. Magnificent.

  4. have you ever tried your hand at writing Erotica or Romance… Prose… like a story… I think your style is extremely well suited for both Genres and would be really interested to read if you ever decide to attempt something along these lines…

    1. On the contrary, you surprise me quite often, in good ways. Just keep being yourself. It works.

  5. “Minute after minute,
    dark coffee from my cup
    turns into your drink now -” – wonderfully sensual piece as always and you always manage to capture the core and the essence and twirl it into enjoyement with a spice of an ending.

    1. I was just thinking about that moment, when two people share a mouthful of coffee while kissing – it’s such a sensual and wonderful feeling. Thanks for being so sweet to comment!

  6. continued…..

    Cannot stop asking if you love me more
    more love pour on the mouth of yours
    your glances of the eye killing me
    my lips are longing to lick the dews
    dews of your love on the cheek
    cheek and neck of my unveiled fruit
    fruit of the morning breakfast
    break it fast with your words
    words of love and lust
    flowing fluid from here and there..
    end of breakfast.

  7. Ooh! So sexy, so cosmopolitan, so Basic Instinct. I can almost see Katherine Zeta-Jones, wearing diamonds and black silk, in an avant garde movie scene, with these words of yours voiced in the background. I am a little unsure whether ‘cease’ was the right word for the second line; but everything else was utter perfection.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Well, maybe you are right, KZJ might actually fit the bill here with her long black hair and red lipstick. Well thought!

    1. Thanks so much S. You are always so kind. I’m trying to catch up with everybody’s WP, tough job as my reader is not showing half of the blogs I follow..

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