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You say,

bridges are built,
so him and her
could cross rivers over,
in order to hold hands,
even for a brief moment.
You say,
these steel and concrete giants
are here to remind us
of all the forced decisions
we took,
because we had to,
as we march across the cement pavements,
reaching destinations,
A to B.

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14 Replies to “Bridges”

  1. I knew it was bridges’ fault – they are meant for separation! On one side river is flowing towards you and on other yet it’s running away. Some say it is the same river, it’s river’s fault. I don’t believe rivers could act so deceitfully.

    1. I myself like rivers better than bridges. It’s hard to explain, but it could be because they have no memory – every time you see river it’s like the first time. Bridges just stand there stubbornly, get old and tell you never ending stories about river’s adventures. Squeaky cranky gossips if you ask me…

  2. The beauty of self sabotage – that’s what came to my thoughts the second I finished this lovlieness. 🙂

  3. Bridges. Some years ago I had an experience related with a song by Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll about Lambeth Bridge. The lirics of this son strongly impresioned me. So I traveled to London to walk and stand on that bridge to make a revival of the song.

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