10 Replies to “REBLOGGED”

  1. Congrats on this!!! I have always enjoyed your photography because of precisely what you say in the interview, your ability to capture the minds vision in your photograph! That is an ability that not many possess, even some professional photographers. Speaking of that, most “professional” photographers simply take pictures for money but with little artistic value and without putting any soul into each photo. The “professional” word gets thrown about as if it means that because you get money to do weddings, senior portraits and commercial products that somehow your works are better than someone who receives no money. In fact a lot of “professionals” never studied photography at all in school!

    1. Thanks so much, E. I know what you mean about some people branding themselves as professionals, purely because they charge money and think suddenly their pictures are any good. Im not saying only “starving artists” are good, but there are so many around now that have no clue about what they are doing, yet they carry those self-given labels of being professional photographers and it annoys the living hell out of me.

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