I mused,
amused by my body
screaming “sleep, girl!”
as my mind hissed back to keep my eyes open,
in case I will see you.
I’m sure you were standing
right there in front of me in the dark,
I just couldn’t trace your contours.
You were like white letters
on a white sheet of paper.
Just the opposite.
Those little details are important,
when you care,
my darling boy,
but I ignore them.
Like smart men ignore smart women,
who are just pretending to be smart.
Everybody pretends.
And then they all get tired,
like I get tired of learning from my own mistakes.
So I just make new ones,
bigger ones this time –
it will make my past look
more decent,
more forgivable,
less shameful,
guilt free.
I despise guilt, so I steer away from it.
If I could, I would number all my men
and forget their names for good.
Names give them personalities,
and those give them power.
There is a very thin line
between control and arrogance
and that thin line is me.
I mused,
amused by the sound
of a four letter word.
And I don’t mean the rude one
that you just thought about.
The other one.

– Chatty Owl –

22 Replies to “MUSED, AMUSED”

  1. Now I have read a few of your poems and I love your style of writing. You have a unique way of saying ‘unsimple’ things simply. It’s like a gentle river, nudging one softly towards a destination, you are not sure what the destination is, but gently, one follows the flow still.

    1. Thanks for such a whispery comment.. I’ve been impressed with your blog myself and its nice to see you stopping by mine. Hope you wont be a stranger!

    2. Stranger? Not when you also take lovely pictures. I followed the link, and what I saw was awesome. I love taking pictures and editing them too…. Thank you for the kind words.

    3. Oh, this is great! (That you like taking pictures and editing). Need to raid your website properly, to see if I could find them 🙂

    4. Hahaha!!! I don’t have them on the website though. I mostly put them on Facebook, but seeing your other website has challenged me to do something like that also… so thank you for that 🙂

      As soon as I set that up, I will gladly let you know 🙂

  2. Most people can’t stop pretending, others can’t stop customizing every thing to fit their life style. Sensational post.l liked it.Have a sweet day.jalal

  3. Details are just that…little smears on a white silk tissue, or linen, maybe linen is better. Silk obfuscates the reality of things by turning love into simple lust. It doesn’t make it bad, but it sure makes it different.

    Caring is just part of who I am.
    (Look at me believing I am that boy. How could I not?!)
    Like I said, caring is just me…my deepest self, fighting is way trough this fucked up reality, just expecting one day all the planet turn upside down and all the letters become those perfect little 4…and not the ones you just thought, but the one we would create.

    Thank you…

    1. You had my mind wonder a little between the silk and cotton.. Between the traced lines and memories of distant days.. Thank you for being inspirational.

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