Three lose buttons on my shirt
and you chose the one
that’s so difficult to fiddle with,
leaving you frustrated
and me annoyed,
but us both –

Your eyes were screaming
words that start with “L”,
while I was counting
passing cars and
begging you
to keep your sentences
inside your

so I could swallow
vowels of your words
(the ones that you arrange
so neatly in-between
your fingers)
and make new sounds
that rhyme with
you cannot make.

I hate to say this,
I miss you.

– Chatty Owl –

13 Replies to “YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE”

  1. Your poems are so compressed, condensed, though so far reaching. It’s like little balls of tar on spiderweb

    1. That is such a brilliant comparison, my dear. Even I wouldn’t have thought of it. Thank you. I would prefer to spread out dew, but I have none 🙂

  2. You are so good, you should be published! I try to figure out your formula, but ends up with one word:”credibility”! I haven’t read all your posts yet, but I think it would be interesting to read something where you exploring a foreign territory, somewhere where youre not safe, traveling on a dangerous and adventures path or dropped down in a completely different world.

    1. Once again – flattered by your compliments and opinion about my works. Sometimes I feel like others have more faith in me than I do myself!!! Thanks once again.

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