I will let myself borrow the music from your life. The tunes, that are always right and make their way into my soul.

Yes, tango. The only dance that makes me weep. No matter how hard I try to keep my face of stone, it just melts me into memories of how I used to…long time ago. If you asked me to show how much I love you in the most intense way, I’d dance for you.

With you.

The speed! The twirl! The affection that just seeps through! Those red ribbons against my skin and firm taps on the floor would proof the love in such a way, it would leave you breathless to ever doubt it. The power! The one that lifts my whole body up and covers me in sweat of the salty passion. The dance, that dismisses all questions and leaves you craving more and more and more. Like a crazy madness of unstoppable speed and imperceptible sadness this two-step brings. The heat, the storm of sensation, that bounces back and tickles the bare triangle of flesh on my back. Your palms, holding me. My nails, leaving marks on your skin as I glide my fingers down your arms. My hair, touching the floor as you let me go and your hot breath on my cheek as we stop. And look at each other. Before resuming this immense act of seduction.

I would dance myself to death to prove my delirious fever I have for you.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

9 Replies to “TANGO”

    1. Yes.. This was very personal and definitely different. Im so flattered and in awe that you are catching up with such old pieces of mine..

  1. Note to self – Learning to dance has just jumped up my priority list! Very intense feelings felt through dance and portrayed in post. Out of breath just from reading this.

    1. Oh wow, thanks for such a lovely comment! And yes, dancing should be on the list. If not in top 5 priorities, then at least in top 10, ha ha!

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