tijuana panthers in the background

i swallow my pride the same way i used to swallow you –

with pleasure

honesty is never the best policy, but today i’m bending the rules

the way i used to bend for you

i’ll be blunt

there were days, when i thought i will never get enough of you

those days were filled with foreign lust and aching longing


i haven’t thought about you for days

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

6 Replies to “GONE”

  1. Plėšrios eilės. Tiesmukos, kaip gyvenimas – jis toks yra, tik galvoje suteikiame jam norimas formas.

    1. @rsmithing, right? Thanks for checking it out. Saw you have one too, will check it later. Velvet Elvis? I don’t think so.

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