Praise me. About everything and anything, so I could justify my urge to bask in the light of my pride and vanity.

Love me. Sweetly and truly, so I could envy you for being able to just feel that.

Kiss me. So I could kiss you back and get obsessed with how those lips just lock together. I want to never get enough of this and feel how gluttony really feels like.

Look at me. With that spark in the eye, so I could lust for you and fall asleep with dirty kinky thoughts that have no shame.

Abandon me. (But please, don’t mean it). So just enough to make me fume and let my anger out in bursts of orange fire.

Please me. Slow and rough. The way that only you know how to. And make me greedy for some more and more, to the infinity.

Spoil me. Stupid. So I just lie there lifeless and with no determination to wake up. Ever.

I live my life in tiny little circles. As weeks go by with endless repetitions of the seven, so are my sins. Some deadly ones. They orbit my existence in this magic number and I enjoy it.

You are my biggest deadly sin above them all though…

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

4 Replies to “SIN”

  1. Geras pastebėjimas – kasdien vis kita mirtina nuodėmė. Ei, taip mirtinai užsigraužti galima… Garantuotai tyčia jos septynios ir sugalvotos, kad kasdien barbentų į galvą ir užplūstų gyvenimą SINusinėm bangom.
    Dieve, ką tu padarei, netgi nebūdamas!

    1. Va būtent! Specialiai čia taip sugalvota, kad žmones iš kelio vest…

  2. The deadliest sin is not having it at all. The pleasure of breaking boundaries has no equal. Not even death itself bares as much lust as fucking (a) sin.

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