I got a pear out of my bag and had a bite. My manager is watching me for a couple of minutes and asks:

– Do you eat the pear with a core?

I stare at him like he has lost his mind. Of course I eat the pear with a core! Who doesn’t?!

– Oh. You’re just like my mom, it must be a european thing, – he thinks out loud.

– Oh, your mom is not from around here? Where is she from? – I got interested.

– Germany.

– She’s German! – I shout in excitement without realizing it. And then I feel stupid.

– Are you OK? Why so happy? – he laughs.

– Oh no no, nothing, sorry. I just like Germans.

He doesn’t need to know about my German fetish and stupid interest in Hitler…

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

5 Replies to “GERMAN PEAR”

    1. I knew it would freak some people out. Long story to explain it to the core though. it’s not that obvious “i like hitler” hahahahaa

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