I love owls in all forms and shapes, so I’m always on a look out for them. All these beauties were sent to me by my friends or fellow bloggers, which makes me smile and always makes my day. Thank you all!

This beauty was sent to me by my dear friend Devina. Thanks so much. This beauty was sent to me by my dear friend Devina. Thanks so much.
Thanks Devina! Thanks Martin!


One more creation from Green Embers. This is so cute! 🙂 thanks so much!!!!!


This beauty is a creation of my new WP friend Green Embers! One of the best owl drawings I’ve seen in a while! Thanks so much!


Thanks Bill! Such cute find of retro coloured ones!


Awesome catch, Riley!


This one is great! Thanks Riley!


Awesome one, Adam! Thanks!


Michael, thanks so much! Flattered!


Thanks so much for these ones, Brian!


Thanks Christoph! This is great!

A very special owl to me. Big red eyes, exactly how I am on sad mornings like today. Thanks C.

Thanks to my newly-discovered friend Evelina for this awesome video find!

My little spy owl all way in Portugal. Thanks C.
Thanks for having that zoom lens, Rosh! Awesome find!
Thanks Dan for finding these little owlies “living” near you 😉
Thanks to Rosh for sharing this space paint creation with me! 🙂
A lamp shade Coco found me the other day. Awesome -sauce.
Thanks to Punktyras for never forgetting to send me an owl 😉
Teta mociute, thanks!


An owl in the middle of the day. Must be fake, ha ha ha.
A sleepy one
A blue one all way from the other side of the world. Thanks!
Biggest thanks to Wendy for going through all the trouble getting this picture for me! Had to ask the shop assistant to climb up the window display to take a picture of this! Ha ha!
Another great one sent to me by a very good friend. Thanks!
My carving this year.
20121103-090555.jpg Dan, that’s the best owl placement I could think of! Ha ha!


36 Replies to “THE OWL HUNT”

    1. Totally! I believe, for me, my love for them began way back when I used to watch Winnie The Pooh, though Owl wasn’t awfully bright as he thought he was 🙂 By the way I not too long sent you the photos, hope you like them!

  1. Nu va, lakstei po kita sala ir nesakei? Ajajai, kad daugiau taip nedarytum! Galetume dangaus melyne kartu praskaidrint 😉 Čiunga čianga, mėlynas dangus…

    1. Ziuriu sitas pelediskas sedevras yra paskutinis mados klyksmas interneto platybese 🙂 kaip gyvenimas kanaruose? Neseniai buvau netoli taves, beveik ranka pasiekiama… 😉

  2. haha, o aš galvojau, kad nėra pelėdos nuo manęs 😀 močiutei absoliuti sklerozė 😀

    1. Yra yra (+) Taigi gera nauja peleda man tada igyjai, kad tureciau ne kiaura bliuda sriubai valgyt 😀

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