35 Replies to “COLD”

  1. layers, whether cold or hot are signs of what has been or what could be … so great to see your creativity flow once again

  2. Discovery in precisely carved delicate slices as only the winter chill can create … your gifts have returned

  3. Nice to hear from you again. And again. And again. :*
    Impression your poem left to me:
    tingling needles
    sparkling bloodless
    fingers caresses
    light shards
    seek warmth

  4. “…another layer of you is discovered.”

    Great pics (as always). Is #3 barberry? The warmth of the (evening?) light…sweet.

  5. Nice to see you posting again M ☺️👍 and taking photos too.  Hope all is good with you and the kids mate ✌️

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    1. I’m all good, things are happening slowly. And I miss being creative, so thought I’ll try to remember the good old WordPress days!

    1. I liked the snowflakes, it was such a treat to experience this cold white blanket this winter. But now I’m ready for some hot sunshine. Nice to see you are still around.

  6. These are great. Thanks for putting them up. The odd numbered ones are my favourites. Just me that thought the bench was two animals at first glance?

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