Coldness comes
in waves of colour and sound,
I often imagine myself,
in a pile of leaves,
waiting for you to come to me,
to be an echo of that one evening
that I can’t forget.
I want to embrace the approaching winter
with a thought
that you’ll stay that way forever –
an idol.
A never-ending mirage.
Like the sound of horses in the distance,
our days disperse
further and further apart.
Little disappointing actions
turn into a map of roads
that were never meant to intersect.
I tried so hard
(or maybe not enough)
to keep my head full of dreams
and my heart free of remorse,
that I forgot to forget
that you are just a reverie.

– Chatty Owl –

40 Replies to “AUTUMN”

    1. yeah… hmmnn *most* if u ask me “are very unpleasant” hmmn “sigh” I kinda bury it… bury the echos if i can… aaa i guess….. my bad chatty.. that was very condescending of me… unintentionally of course.. aaaa lets have a PM conversation about that if we can 😉

  1. Even though I embraced the sadness within your words, i feel blessed by your spirit alive within them…what you bring to life in your poems are ever priceless in the way you deliver them. Wonderful to read your words once again! Thanks for the inspiration I feel embracing them.

    1. Oh, what a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much! Its nice and rewarding to see that there are people who enjoy my waffle and attempts to express myself in words. Thank you for stopping by, dear.

  2. autumn is a dying breath, whispered through winter and reaching the spring, when it’s rebirth is heard, a feeling that transcends any season, is felt and understood as the cycle of everything that defies any reason and still could yet be!

  3. A powerful combo is longing, yearning, wanting, expecting, needing with unreturned reverie. Beautiful before and after mind imaginings because of your words.

  4. “Little disappointing actions turn into a map of roads that were never meant to intersect.” This one line is so full of imagery and sadness. I think this poem has a different shade of your emotional side. I would love to read many more of these.

    1. This poem is definitely slightly different than my other ones. I think my style is changing a little… I’m glad its received with a positive attitude, especially from you!

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