You found me naked
moments after I didn’t want to
be discovered,
I still let you watch me
while I was watching you(r)
Exposed skin
became less and less visible
by the soundless noise of the soft cashmere
that suddenly covered my arms.
Dark cotton slid on my skin
the colour of my pale milky legs
got replaced by denim.
Glimpses of the bare flesh
got exchanged for fabric
your surprised expression
got exchanged for mutual attraction.
Buzzing in the air.
I watched you watching me
getting dressed
and you could barely control your excitement
and the urge
to rip my clothes
back off.
Even though you heard
my mind screaming “no”
in reply,
we both knew
that all you had to do
is say one word
to make it all happen.

I make pretty words
sound filthy
and you tame wild girls
to act oh-so-obedient.

– Chatty Owl –

55 Replies to “TAMING WILD HORSES”

  1. melodic, fluid and graceful. thank you for sharing your sweet verse with me. tony

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for this. Makes me smile to see that people remember me. But I stopped doing awards, though. Either way, thanks so very much!

  2. “we both knew
    that all you had to do
    is say one word
    to make it all happen.”

    I would have to say this part was my favorite – but an exquisite write — all around… much enjoyed! πŸ™‚

  3. Mind wanders and wonders about the single but powerful word… To direct and have control over the wild… He must know how to look past both fabric and flesh, as neither adequately cover carnal urges of desire… Where untamed play.

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