Your words
are stronger
than my own hands,
my fast beating heart
in moments
of a desperate anxiety,
making it
too difficult to breathe
and so easy
to cry.
And I do,
until salty tears
become a
tasteless aftertaste
of the decision
I need you.

– Chatty Owl –

33 Replies to “YOUR POWER”

  1. Your words
    in my throat
    and tangle in
    a need
    to weep—
    they weave with
    the sensation
    of tears run out
    (but not
    the need
    to cry them).
    All that is left in me is
    the empty taste of salt
    your absence.

  2. To be under such a powerful spell, intoxicated, asphyxiated by it.
    Some people ask is this Heaven? Other’s ask is it Hell?
    Some perhaps more aware realise that they are both the master and the slave, the victim and the violence. Or they may choose to remove them-self from themselves and adopt the role of voyeur.
    No matter which way our skins creep or crawl, we are all of us Human after all!

    1. I read this again with clearer eyes and understand you meaning much better now.

      Another late night (or was ti the same one?), so I guess I was inspired by your words, and then sort of projected out in some pseudo Freudian BS that ultimately reveals more about myself than anyone.
      — This happens to me occasionally in the early hours of the morning, which lets face it is the best time for it (if ever).

  3. I have just found your blog and am working my way through your wonderful work…you have just found a new follower.


    Loves Anna x

    1. Then you know, how devastating and pleasing at the same time that grip is 🙂 one of the most powerful experiences i have felt 🙂

    2. I absolutely do indeed! I’ve always thought words contain a mystical power of their own that, when used properly, can be used to touch the souls of others.

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