Words of apology
hardly ever leave my mouth.
by the maze of embarrassment
and tunnels of arrogant vanity,
they stay right
they (don’t) belong –
(Like your body parts
inside me
in the morning).
I like to wonder
what colour are your thoughts
when you think about me,
but then…
does it really matter?
I’m not your friend
any more.
are for when things go wrong
and you need a shoulder
or two
to cry on.
And lovers –
for when one is happy,
there is no better way
than to share your joy and money
with someone
you’re attracted to.
I’m not your friend,
you chose
to share your happiness
with me.

– Chatty Owl –

22 Replies to “CAGED FRIENDSHIP”

  1. I remember watching an old Jimmy Stewart movie “Shenandoah” in which as the father, Stewart asks his daughter’s suitor (his future son in law) if he likes his daughter. The suitor answers that he loves, not just likes her. The father then admonishes him and explains why love is not as important as like…

    In a more modern and poetic way, you have also delved into this issue of like/friends versus love/lover. I “like” that.

    Thanks for another interesting read.

    1. I would say it is possible to be both, but yes, it happens very rarely and I would need to say, under some unconditional conditions πŸ™‚

  2. WOW! The consequences of sharing happiness… Definitely crosses a line… Trapped between a reluctance to accept emotional attachment (detachment) and the unapologetic dip in the pool of sin … Leaves me to wonder… Who is the cage protecting?

    Great words and a fabulous picture!

    1. Ooh what a cleverly insightful analysis. I wish I’d have though of that.

      – Sorry for all the comments btw Owl but I guess I’m feeling chatty today too πŸ˜‰

  3. It put a smile on my face this morning to read your words again!

    I suppose once we choose temptations of physical pleasure that the bond of friendship is severed and can’t really be put back together the way it was. Much like a broken bone, the break can heal but the bone will forever be weaker than before.

    1. That’s the thing, I think physical temptations and the actual actions have a very thin line when it comes to right/wrong and its easy to cross the line without a turning back.

    2. So very true! Sometimes it’s as if we know better but somehow our bodies are engaged in action even though our mind knows it’s wrong. There are forces at work there that can be stronger than the will if we are weak in our resolve!

    3. Where the broken bone re-knits, with more material there than before (as a natural part of the process) you will find that the bond is in fact stronger than before, but that the weaknesses may then exists in the surrounding areas.

      (Wow, I’m quite pleased with myself, this works both literally/physically and metaphorically within the context of the poem! lol)

    4. Ah yes but when you weaken the surrounding areas the potential for another break becomes greater despite the bond being stronger because now you’ve damaged the softer tissue which can be much harder to repair.

    1. Id say no… If the label was “friends” to start with and the future is not a united one, then friends and lovers don’t go in one description…

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