9 Replies to “SHARP”

  1. indeed, Lithuania is a very beautiful and mythical place. In Lithuania they know ,mother earths spirit roam within the land and our dead souls will merge with nature, so: “Every flower, every tree, every willow and bee, holds our awakened hearts, at the feast, among old spirits that nest in those parts”.

    Nature is the expression of the gods and the spirits of the dead. The flowers host fairies and gods:

    Forget-me-not –
    Žemyna’s blue-blossomed wild flower,
    the blue of our eyes spreads,
    a spring spurts out through gravel,
    forget-me-not, perpetual blue flower,
    as our foremothers‘ hands
    shaped clay with snails,
    an azure wreath covered their hearts,
    earthly joy ramified,
    unearthly aspiration delayed,
    having experienced
    bright times and dark times,
    withstood the wind’s affection,
    you remember its persistent whisper,
    forget-me-not of the swamps,
    turfen forget-me-not.

    Neužmirštuolė –
    Žemynos laukinė gėlė žydražiedė,
    plečias akių mėlynumas,
    šaltinis ištrykšta pro žvyrą,
    neužmirštuolė, nemiršėle,
    molį su sraigėmis žiedė
    prosenės rankos,
    o širdį apgobė vainikas žydras,
    žemiškas džiaugsmas kerojo,
    nežemiškas lūkestis uždelsė,
    šviesųjį metą, tamsųjį metą
    patyrusi, tuolaik
    vėjo lipšnumą atlaikius,
    prisimeni ščiūvantį kuždesį,
    pelkine neužmirštuole,
    velėnine neužmirštuole.

    1. Thanks so much, dear. Always smiling when seeing any news from you. Have a lovely Christmas Eve, don’t get too stuffed with all 12 dishes… 😛

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