the feeling of this never-ending fall

you got me caught

i’m like a squirming fish, swallowed your bait

the foreign tongue twirls round in promises of nothing

that’s what i like the most – (un)truth

just as you said…

no questions asked, no words that will be spoken

i’ll count the sadness on your skin

and you can lick away my guilty conscience

you are a sinner

so am i

i hide my dirty soul in satin sheets

(they’re white in colour)

to make it up for lack of pureness in my life

(that’s non-existent)

i crave

i squirm

i writhe my way towards the biggest passion – you

i’ll kill your mind and kiss your body better

i’ll heal the wounds on your red flesh

and make new scars in soul of yours

you’re self-destructing, so let me help you

by feeding you those damaging emotions

as your dinner

i’m empty

just like you

i have no soul or mind to give you

but i will offer cheapest gift of all – my body

bruised, neglected

i’ll be your foggy dream of wild emotions

and i will sweat the words of passion

you know,

i’m here to please you

by pleasing just myself

so cry your soul upon the blackest hair of mine

and i will never wash these memories away

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

5 Replies to “POWER”

  1. “so cry your soul upon the blackest hair of mine
    and i will never wash these memories away”

    Best…lines…ever… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Incredible prose, Ms Owl, incredible…

  2. Falling to the power of colorful sin? Feeding the hunger for more? After reading this, I am hooked. It seems that two who are flawed, still have a right to passion fulfilled and mutual desires met. To take full advantage of the other. Under the guise of sole personal gain. Lustful bonds strengthened only by destroying own identity. To survive in a world full of sin, the (un)pure road taken has got to better satisfy the heated memories you choose to cling to. How dare we crave to be remembered. Especially if the twisted and turning fall has no end.

    1. Colourful sins are the way to live. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the world of black and white with grey shades in between, if those colourful sins are not there to provide comfort.

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