Relationships. Friendships. The invisible thread that connects two people. How does our brain single out a person in a crowd and send the vibes to form some kind of friendship? There are millions of people that are in our every day lives. We brush our shoulders against them on a train, we exchange glances in the street and only some of them make their way into our lives. What is that connecting bridge that makes us click with some and not the others?

I had people in my life that were nothing but the best for me. Attentive, caring, willing to move mountains for me. As friends. As lovers. As people. But the feeling wasn’t there. No matter how hard I tried to give them a chance to make their way into the deepest corners of my mind, I just couldn’t make it happen. And there were situations like these that gave me the reputation that I have now. Cold-hearted. Spoiled. Vain and arrogant. Selfish. And I guess I am like that to some extent, but because that mental connection, that electric thread that connects me with those people, is not working.

I grew up always feeling that I’m letting people down. I’m hurting them. I’m taking them for granted and toying with them like a spoiled brat. It used to really get me down, making me think that I’m really made of stone and should warm up to the society more. That I should stop being this monstrous beast that is living the life of hurting the others. Should get my heart broken for once. (Still hasn’t happened yet). But I just couldn’t relate to the majority of the society. I couldn’t link to those little soldiers of human population.

And here I am. A third of my life gone already. The sea of people still floating around my shores and I’m making my way through them. Unaware of  their glances. Oblivious to their willingness towards me.  But then the ironic reality bites me in the ass. I get sucked into a social network of modern civilization, where that mental wire, that connection, is thrust upon me in such a shock, I’m left speechless. My brain made me single out a person, that I’ve never met in my life. The connection was just there. It worked. Clicked.

And so there is. A new friendship of untouchable being.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

12 Replies to “ICE QUEEN”

  1. The beginnings of a friendship that “clicked” so incredibly well, it grew into so much more… Not because society said it was o.k…. Far from it. Rather because they saw in each other, what everyone else missed… A true potential for greatness, inspired by an unselfish desire to see each other’s true selves set free. To take pride in enjoying the happiness that naturally flowed and to celebrate together as one.

    Thankfully, reputation and reality are not the same. An “Ice Queen?” Reality says otherwise.

  2. Lovely confession, if it’s true 😉 Then everything will be alright! Anyways, I am always suspicious about always sweet smiling faces, so better accept you at this particular moment. It is what it is, and we (women) have the power to be what and who we wanna be! Your wings will take you there 😉

  3. Our Owlie has an imaginary friend.:P:)

    I could never understand, why some of the good fairies are trying so hard to pretend to be ice queens… Why can’t you just be yourself and create your little daily miracles making the world more beautiful and kind? Women… you are definitely strange creatures.:)

    And one more thing – if someone REALLY wants to move mountains for you, it should be pleasure to do this just like that – without wanting anything from you in return.

    Go take your magic wand – we are waiting for new beautiful stories.:)

    1. Clandestino, you always put a smile on my face – somehow! Well, more stories coming as requested. Magic magic with my wand 😀

  4. Maybye because you’ve never met that friend you don’t feel awkward filling all these gaps in knowledge with dust of your imagination? It’s only natural to have such friend. Kids tend to have imaginery companions, because they feel no shame to have one and they can be whatever their imagination feels like. Aren’t adults just big children, trying their best not to look funny while making friends with people they’ve never met? I certainly am 🙂

    P. S. I second dear Anonymous where he or she praised your blog 😉

    1. Your comment evokes a lot of old memories about the younger me. Where being so skeptical about anything virtual, I had to change my mind. Oh, let me be a kid again…

  5. Some people were just meant to connect, wether relationship, friendship, or that line is blurred, you can never stop fa
    it. As much as you would want to fight it off, whats meant to be will be..

    Lovely blog entry, Ive been waiting for a new post for such a long time…great to see you back Ms. Owl =)

    1. Thank you! Kind as always, Mr Anonymous 🙂 I would like to believe in fate, mean to be’s and other positive things 🙂

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