It’s cold outside. I’m watching the gloom of London rain and whistling wind from my window and smile at my own reflection. My inner owl is back for a short while and I’m enjoying her company. Sarcastic conversations and derailed innuendos paid me a visit today.

I smile at the reflection again and touch it with my fingertips. It touches me back and this feels so surreal. Owls in double. I trace the drops of rain with my fingers and suddenly realise my reflection is rebelling. My inner owl is fluttering her eyelashes at me and refuses to mimic what I’m doing.

I smile. It winks.
I wink. It ducks.
I duck. It frowns.

And then it happens. I feel the touch. The presence is so vivid, I look around me just to be sure I’m definitely alone. Well, sort of. Hello again, my naughty inner owl…

Soft touch.
Gentle whisper.
A moving swirling tongue.
A hand.
Impure thoughts.
And wetness on the hand.

You’re toying with my mind the way you want to and I enjoy it. You force my thoughts to dance at your played tune and I don’t even dare resist it. Inhale. Exhale more loudly. You have your way with me just with your words.

The gloom of London rain is loud and wet. And so am I. Because you’re toying with my head so bloody much, my man of faraway land…

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

13 Replies to “WET”

  1. This man from a faraway land sounds very powerful if he can elicit that reaction in you without even knowing it or being near you! But then again maybe he is thinking similar thoughts about you, his lady from across the sea!

  2. I’m sure that in a previous post you stated “I’m the least romantic girl on this planet”! I think this post proves otherwise!!

    1. Thanks Dave! I’m not sure about the romantic though, ha ha. But thanks for dropping by, always a pleasure!

  3. Na, jei tik tiek tereikia darbų iššaukimui, tai galima suorganizuoti (skamba, lyg spiritizmo seanso reklama 🙂
    O nuotraukos spalvos man pasirodė įdomios, tai ir paklausiau.

  4. Toks drėgnas Londonas niūrus, net krečia šaltis
    Kartu toks įprastas, kad darosi jaukus
    Pelėdai iš kiaušinio laikas kaltis
    medžiot peles, skraidyt naktim, perėt vaikus.

    Žinai, paskaitai tavo kūrinius, įsijauti, bandai įsivaizduoti viską, net prakaitas išpila 8o

    1. Tamstos komentarai visada labai… Vaizdingi. Zodziai issaukia tolimesnes rasliavas, taip kad tu atsargiai 😉

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