Sex. Every time I read about it, it’s always those sloppy stories about midnight kisses, touches in the dark and loud moans. Orgasms with a bitten lip and scratches on one’s back. This ideal picture of something glamorous and wonderful. Let me tell you something. That eye candy of two people locked together in a perfect composition of love is a total bullshit. Reality? Hair in your mouth, uncomfortable positions, spasms in your left leg and bumped heads.

Oh yes, I’m bitter. I’m always very bitter about life and things around me. I’m cold too. And also, I’m the least romantic girl on this earth. You know, being sweet is overrated. So is sex. So stop counting those 11 minutes of tangled bodies and enjoy what matters the most – the peak of pleasure. In the end, that’s all that’s important. Short pleasure and my back turned to you.

Mind blowing sex with the perfect heat in the bedroom, where you can feel tension buzzing is reserved for next time. Stay tuned. I might stop being so cold one day.

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

4 Replies to “SEX”

  1. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!
    So funny and so true!!


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