Everything is so easy with us. You cuddle me from behind and look at my bouncy curls that glisten in the cold sun. “It’s November,” I say. And then give you half a smile.

“I  like your thoughts knotty and mouth wide open.”

“I know,” you hear my reply.

We walk around an empty field and don’t hold hands. You point out that mine are way too cold.

But I’m cold all over, I think to myself. You should know it by now.

“I’ve never met anybody like you. Are all Eastern Europeans like this? With perky tits and complicated minds? I find you so alluring and attractive, it makes me somehow angry. You’re so bewitching, sometimes I don’t believe you’re not bionic.”

I look at you with that half smile. If you only knew…

– Chatty Owl has left the building –

2 Replies to “HALF A SMILE”

  1. Bionic? – That was good one 🙂 He might really like you. Bewitching? – Still don’t understand the Women. Me neither.

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