I enjoy
the sound of spilled water.
Not the one under the bridge,
but the one leaking from the sky
in the colour of dirty milk.
It soothes me.
The taste of it
reminds me of that coral sharpness
that we both feel in our throats
when I get under your skin
you get under my clothes –
I’m always one and a half
steps ahead of you.
Wrap up warm,
my actions sting more
than the white rain outside our windows.

– Chatty Owl –


Your words
are stronger
than my own hands,
my fast beating heart
in moments
of a desperate anxiety,
making it
too difficult to breathe
and so easy
to cry.
And I do,
until salty tears
become a
tasteless aftertaste
of the decision
I need you.

– Chatty Owl –


I fall asleep
to the sound of the clock,
that stopped weeks ago,
but I like hearing things
that are not present for days now.

I drift away
into a sleepless dream about you
and our dreamless sleepovers
where the tone of your voice
is the perfect alarm
in the never-coming morning.

We fall asleep
to my body belonging to yours
we never say a word,
when it’s time to leave,
because I hate asking questions
you’ve already asked yours.

– Chatty Owl –


A second choice,
a backup plan –
like leftovers, still warm on your spoon,
but tasteless –
good only to keep your body alive,
without any real passion,
that humanity craves so much
(that you crave so much!)
Thats all you get –
substitute of feelings.
You’ve been living off her love,
but there’s none left any more
for you,
just chucked-outside coldness
and pity feelings –
like trash of the riches.
I know you hurt all over
as if your skin is a reflection
of a bruised soul
and I watch you force yourself
to fall asleep like this –
by waking up with a headache,
that seems so soothing
in comparison.
She has done it.
Not on purpose, yet so effectively.

You left your life for her
and she returned to hers –
without you.

– Chatty Owl –


I told you how I bite
more than I can chew sometimes
and how
I deliberately don’t sleep at night,
so I could think about
what you are doing
right now
on the other side of the world.
(Stupid time difference).
I want to be with you –
at least like this,
in present time…
They call it insomnia,
I call it obedience
being neurotic.

– Chatty Owl –


I can’t sleep again. It’s been the fourth night in a row now. (Well, it was more, but I’d like to document only recent extremities).

I would love to blame you for that, but you don’t exist.

My thoughts, like sirens in the sea, are luring me to toy with the rusty flow of my mind.

I need a diversion. But the problem with them is…you get involved.

– Chatty Owl –


Right. My Friday (yesterday) started absolutely great and the person to “blame” is dear http://mysteriouslyquiet.wordpress.com/ for listing me as one of her Very Inspiring Bloggers. Flattered and honoured so very much!

I know that we are all here to share our thoughts in a form of words and it’s inspiring and motivating to see such a big growing community of talented people that really are so good with words…

In addition to that, I would like to thank every one of you for stopping by and reading my ramblings. Means a world to me, really.


Now for the rules about the award.
1. Copy the award and place it in your post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link back to their blog.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the award and tell them by posting a comment on their blogs.

So, here goes my seven deadly facts, ha ha!
1. I can bark like a dog and you wouldn’t tell the difference.
2. I’m addicted to coffee and whiskey.
3. I speak three languages.
4. I cannot write, if there is clutter around me.
5. Most powerful inspiration comes to me at night or early hours of the morning. I’d say 4am is the most productive.
6. I love walking around with no purpose. Especially around the city lights at night.
7. I have no patience. At all.

Now for the fun part. These are the blogs that I think deserve to be read over and over again, because they are that good. Inspiring. Created by talented people. I’m happy I came across every single one of you!

1. http://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/
2. http://crushedoblivion.wordpress.com/
3. http://repressedsoul.wordpress.com/
4. http://takeoffyourprose.wordpress.com/
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8. http://februarystationery.com/
9. http://wordsofbirds.wordpress.com/
10. http://fragmentedfigments.wordpress.com/

Go and visit them to check them out!

Oh, and one more thing. Please don’t feel obliged to “play along”, but I think this was a great way to show the others what I read and what I like and to say thank you to all of you for being so awesome!

Chatty Owl


You grabbed my hand
to grab a bite
in that place at the end of the street,
where you sneaked in a bottle of gin
at 10 o’clock in the morning –
the same time I promised you
I will pickpocket the love
out of your heart
to leave you with lust
as that is stronger
than emotions and money put together –
because it forms a feeling.
I gave you a taste of myself
and made you crawl for more,
but you gave me a sneak peak of your life
and made me lose interest,
even though
we never loved each other more
than we do now.
You gave me a reason,
but I gave you a solution
and then we both broke our promises…
The only thing thats left for us
is gather dust in relationships
with someone else.
but acting so unloving –
back at them.

– Chatty Owl –