I fall asleep
to the sound of the clock,
that stopped weeks ago,
but I like hearing things
that are not present for days now.

I drift away
into a sleepless dream about you
and our dreamless sleepovers
where the tone of your voice
is the perfect alarm
in the never-coming morning.

We fall asleep
to my body belonging to yours
we never say a word,
when it’s time to leave,
because I hate asking questions
you’ve already asked yours.

– Chatty Owl –


I can’t sleep again. It’s been the fourth night in a row now. (Well, it was more, but I’d like to document only recent extremities).

I would love to blame you for that, but you don’t exist.

My thoughts, like sirens in the sea, are luring me to toy with the rusty flow of my mind.

I need a diversion. But the problem with them is…you get involved.

– Chatty Owl –