Hi everyone. I must admit, I have been all over the place lately. Somehow poetry, that used to live in my head, is taking time off and my mind is producing blank sheets of paper. That said, I’m still thinking positive and waiting for my muse to return. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share something with you, my dears.

As we all know, Christmas was that time, when magic was floating in the air, and everybody were dandy and cheerful. This guy though really had something to be happy about – he made his first short movie. One of the many that are about to come out in the future as series. Eldin became my friend here on WordPress by impressing me with his creativity, be it writing, painting, or any other talents that he has. Even though he changed his blogs here as often as he did socks, I think his current one is here to stay for a while. Go and pay him a visit.

Also, you should find 10 minutes to watch his movie (English subtitles option is available there in the corner). It’s beautiful and romantic in a non-cheesy way and yes, towards the end of the movie you can see a glimpse of my book in a scene. Ha ha! I had to mention that, c’mon!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

– Chatty Owl –

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