I can’t stop
thinking about your words,
asking me to watch the mirror,
as it reflects my own image.
I want to wear
that one thing,
that you like the most –
my devotion.
Nipples, erect.
Soft skin, that I’m touching
as instructed.
Your words guide my hands
to please your mind
via my body.
You know what I want
way better than I do,
and that’s why I’m losing sleep
over the urge
to never stop thinking
about you.

– Chatty Owl –


Hi everyone. I must admit, I have been all over the place lately. Somehow poetry, that used to live in my head, is taking time off and my mind is producing blank sheets of paper. That said, I’m still thinking positive and waiting for my muse to return. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share something with you, my dears.

As we all know, Christmas was that time, when magic was floating in the air, and everybody were dandy and cheerful. This guy though really had something to be happy about – he made his first short movie. One of the many that are about to come out in the future as series. Eldin became my friend here on WordPress by impressing me with his creativity, be it writing, painting, or any other talents that he has. Even though he changed his blogs here as often as he did socks, I think his current one is here to stay for a while. Go and pay him a visit.

Also, you should find 10 minutes to watch his movie (English subtitles option is available there in the corner). It’s beautiful and romantic in a non-cheesy way and yes, towards the end of the movie you can see a glimpse of my book in a scene. Ha ha! I had to mention that, c’mon!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

– Chatty Owl –


Like evolving species,
my thoughts progress to only one thing –
Softness of my skin
meets roughness of your words
and we make the perfect combination
of lust.
Nothing is staged,
it’s not a movie,
bodies aren’t perfect,
when they form bedroom figures of eight,
divided in two –
a male and a female –
making a four – well, me on mine.
Knees hold the weight
of years yearning
to feel something more than plain
The urge of the body
is the process of the mind –
constantly evolving.

– Chatty Owl –


I want to break you
like the gingerbread man’s head.
The frisky crispiness
sounds like a victory,
so I’m clapping high fives
to myself,
knowing that it’s the only way
anyone will be proud of me.
I ask you to do things
that make my eyes roll back
and my toes curl up,
but you look so stunned
and just stare at me.
Stop stopping, I say.
You and me –
we have no time
for idle moments
like this.

– Chatty Owl –


promised me
Carefully polished
leather and direct words
that would make me quiver.
Shivering veins of my naive young
body were promised to pump
lust and obedience – a
substance I have


hands were meant
to be guiding me through
ups and downs of my breathing
chest, that holds a heart –
excited and fast for a
moment like this.

A mental

– Chatty Owl –


You hate me
for the mistakes of my grandfather
that I carry in my
mighty DNA
of numbers,
but this is me,
with my body
and voice,
and the green-ness of my eyes,
talking to you
in a voice of a girl,
poetry of a woman,
and wisdom of a human
that married my grandfather
(that you hate so much),
but you love me,
So don’t judge the book
by it’s blood

– Chatty Owl –


I was 17
when you bumped into me
and picked me up
like a rotten apple
from the side of the road.
Not fit to eat, but
still juicy,
still with a smell of a fruit,
under your teeth and
on your inquisitive tongue.
You observe me
as I put spells on aluminium spoons,
bending them,
like I bend men to my liking,
making me
not a witch,
but a magician of sorts.
Don’t forget,
the reality is
the invisible infinity
we all fear.

– Chatty Owl –


You say it’s so easy
to lose yourself with me.
Especially when we kiss
with our eyes open
and you know
that I’ll never ask questions,
saving you from awkward answers
as you watch me
right there, by the window,
with hardly any clothes on
and armed with strong black coffee
to keep my eyes and my mind
You always remind me,
that your life is a ball of yarn,
knotted together with coloured strings
of happiness,
and I often tug at it,
pulling a string or two,
making it roll my way.
I sigh
at the sight of you
getting aroused in this moment,
even though we both know,
I’m here to break your heart
and you’re here to let me do it.
Cross your fingers
as I uncross my legs,
if you’re lucky enough,
you won’t see me again.

– Chatty Owl –