No, this is not for you.
It’s not for him either.
This one is for
Getting words out from me is
I part
my lips,
but I don’t part with my secrets freely.
An open conversation with me
is like slitting fish –
difficult to grasp,
difficult to maintain,
you still can’t resist to get your hands
on the sight of a bleeding sun,
I count all those moments
that made me think
of you.
Little acts of kindness
were like magnetic light –
yet it resembled that sensation you get
when you stumble in the dark,
trying to find a familiar object.
An enigmatic quest
of lost surroundings.
This moment right now.
I want you to ask me,
if this is for you.
I want to stare at you in reply
and mutedly nod.
And I want the movement of my head
to be the answer that I’m lying.

– Chatty Owl –


  1. This.
    Explains much of my sense of you dear owl.
    Is breathtaking. I’m undone, and feel such a fool all in one crowded moment.

  2. Wishing I was clever or smart enough to have omething more profound but regretfully I don’t other than to say … You are brilliant.

  3. This made me smile! Maybe that makes me twisted…. But I enjoyed the imagery and the concept immensely Miss Owl! Time for your next book methinks! X

    1. A double edge response I suspect and understandable, I seldom bleed so I accept both the sharp edge and the subtle point. Thanks for the prod. 🙂

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