“You want to save me?” I ask,
as I’m suffocating
in the complexity of this sadness.

There is nothing to recover any more,
my dear.
I’ve infiltrated my simple body
with an intricate mind,
and the result was
an endless sandstorm –
dry and gritty ashes
of what’s left of us.
It hugged me
with its coarse hands
and left my skin grazed, raw and exposed.

“Can you describe love?” you ask,
but I’m having trouble answering you.

I stare in the opposite direction,
words whirling inside me
like a devilish blizzard,
as I attempt to find
the most appropriate definition
known to me.

“It’s a sexual penetration of emotions”,
I finally decide,
closing my beautiful mouth shut for good.

– Chatty Owl –

16 Replies to “A GIRL FROM SCRATCH”

  1. I keep coming back to this … “You want to save me?” I ask,
    as I’m suffocating in the complexity of this sadness.

    This imagery and emotion is palable and so real …

  2. “sexual penetration of emotions” what an intricate expression. WOW! There’s no real definition to love…but to feel. You feel, my dear. You express it through each word, sentence, and emotion. One of my favorites! Love it and love you through it.

  3. A sexual penetration of emotions. Wow. So relatable, but I’m sure would be viewed by most as a warped sense of love. But it’s the perfect description from where I stand. Beautiful words again Miss Owl.

  4. Key words: known to me – as definitions go, the options for love are endless…

    But when it comes to finding a partner who has the same definition as one’s self? In that case, I’m afraid it is the search that is endless.

  5. I love the complex richness of the scene depicted. I can feel a sense of agitation and exasperation in the women-like she has repeatedly told the guy she doesn’t anything emotional. It’s amazing how clearly you enovke that feeling for being a guy I can almost feel his heart drop as he realizes the truth. Thank you Owly for another beautifully crafted piece of work!

  6. Lovely words, but please, don’t deny the world your beautiful words, to lose that beauty would be a shame and a sin

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