Mute correspondence of thoughts
gets thrown around in skies above us
and floats freely,
criss-crossing paths
with one another –
it reminds me of those days
when I just imagined you existed.

I created you
over years and years
of pre-sleep dreaming,
musing about all the things
you would do to my body.
I invented the shape of your eyes
and almost felt
the lace of my underwear
as you undressed me
with that delirious stare
from the opposite corner of the room.

A feverish passion
scalded the inside of my veins,
and I knew
it can’t be just a temporary madness –
you were my chronic illness,
that I never wanted to be cured of.

Feeling sick to my stomach,
I put my kisses on hold
and cuffed myself
to a permanent state of confusion,
that left me light-headed and dizzy.
Just like that feeling you get,
when you dive under water
against your will,
and suddenly the fear of death
becomes a welcoming thought
of a translucent euphoria,
and all you can do is close your eyes
and faint into golden waves
of a welcoming self destruction,
that glimmers in the sun-lit-surface
of the water above you –
a surreal feeling,
that sways to the rhythm of a dying heart.


Time trots
around gates of my guarded walls,
one second at a time,
reminding me
that every day it’s easier and easier
to guess those final words
of your noiseless sentences.

My intuition has never failed me yet,
and I know that one day
we’ll end up as strangers
on opposite sides of the road –
politely smiling,
as we pass each other every morning,
we’ll be insignificant to one another.

Once all animal urges are fulfilled,
we all commute alone.

– Chatty Owl –


  1. A beautiful write Ms Owl…Isn’t it true, however, that we all commute alone? We are all just fortunate enough to share the journey a little bit along the way.

    1. Yes, we share moments with others for some amount of time, but in the bigger picture, we are all lonely travelers here.

  2. Wow! The golden waves submerging is an image that sticks with you. I wonder about how is it that intuition may never fail… Perhaps if we call a forced fruition of one’s own desire an intuition, we can guarantee a success. Perhaps “strangers on opposite sides of the road” is a controlled new animal urge. The commute? Territory littered with disconnected shadows

  3. That is so very spot on…beautiful, magical, heart wrenching. Very true roller coaster of emotions coming to a haul when the ride is over…. (guess i can relate just a little) 🙂

  4. “Once all animal urges are fulfilled,
    we all commute alone.”

    Incredible writing, some of the truest words you’ve ever written. Great job.

    1. Thank you so much. I think the majority of my words have that pinch of sadness. Glad it stands out as a positive thing in my writing.

    1. Thank you! I was trying to reflect that mood that I created in my mind while thinking about people drifting away. Im very glad you enjoyed reading it.

  5. Awesome as always (or as last time I checked, which was a year ago, but hey – I still remember you LOL). I’d been like a stranger to myself for a while, and that’s not unusual or uncomfortable for me in any way – I’ve always been moving around. But as it turned out, I lacked connections visual, physical, verbal etc. And moving fast while not even touching or at least looking at things you pass by is just as bad as standing still.

    1. Welcome back! Yeah, been ages, huh? Thanks for coming back. And dont rush so much, absorb all details – its worth it!

    2. Yep, a lot of things changed. But still can’t believe it’s been two years since I wrote those posts I remember writing so well…

  6. This might actually be one of your best yet to date! It reads like an epic story and not just a snippet of life or musings on a particular event, it’s grand in it’s scope and yet you’ve condensed it down leaving only the essential elements in place allowing the reader to fill in the blanks with their own memories and stories!! It has passion and lust and, even the though its sad, the ending is just brilliant with it’s realistic tone of romantic fatalism that has become the hallmark of a Chatty Owl poem, and it’s what sets you apart from the rest because you do it so well!!

    1. Wow, thats a beautiful comment! Heh. Im smiling big. Not sure if this poem is THAT good, but i definitely tried to show the ironic side of human nature. We are such animals sometimes…

  7. A more lengthy piece and I was taken in, like others there are no pieces that I have not liked from you. I agree with Oloriel and the lines you wrote I created you. Some truth in those closing lines and sadness. Very, very nice lovely. xx

    1. I always do that.I used to put myself to sleep by observing the colors of a city reflected in the river at night all imagined in my head 🙂

  8. Some awkward feeling of unanswered need to talk to scream to cry to write.
    Destroy all streets of intuition and leave no stone on stone behind.

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