You hit me
with news that squeak
like rats. Escaping.
I eye each one of them,
fighting the instinct of an inner cat
inside me.
I can’t.
I just can’t chase
every word you throw at me –
there’s too many of them
for one little me.

I’ve been given a choice
that wasn’t one after all,
so I escape too –
like the colour from a rosebud.
I know I have to leave
and drain all presence of me
into the river that’s
you –
been poisoned with other colours already,
and no matter how vivid they once were,
they are dirty brown

But I’m staying pure.
An antonym of this messy situation.
I’m done,
leaving you to lick your guilt
sparkling clean

– Chatty Owl –

47 Replies to “BITTER”

  1. My my, bitter indeed but then again some of the best things in life always are, especially the ones that start out the sweetest!

    Yikes I’ve been slacking on my WP reading, can’t believe I missed this one!

    1. Thats ok, i’ve been slacking wp myself! Always something distracting me from being on top of things over here! Glad to see you stop by! 🙂

  2. You are brilliant at using stark imagery and associations that grab the reader Ms Owl.

    1. Been ages since we last spoke. Bitter was the word best to describe how i felt at a time too. Anyhow. Thank you for a kind comment.

  3. So many incredibly played and positioned words and feelings to choose from in this writing my friend. Such an ending with ‘leaving you to lick your guilt’ … such words and such raw emotion.

    1. Thank you. As always, everything sounds better in my head than on paper. Then again, i havent found where to buy that talent everyone is talking about hahaha

  4. Can’t help but wonder what dust bunnies lies in corners of this flat with rats and cats 🙂

  5. For some reason, the first part really stood out to me. I love the whole thing but the words being rats and you the cat, trying to stop the nature of the chase before getting overwhelmed. I’ve felt that. Really really cool. 😀

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