Lost in your own thoughts, you were painting in a dimmed room. Clothes, covered in a rainbow of colours – tiny dots of evidence of how you transform your vision onto canvas.

You didn’t hear me enter the room. I watched you for a while, patiently waiting for you to turn around. To acknowledge me.

Grubby hands, the roughness of your fingers and the dried out paint. You grabbed me by my neck and harshly pinned me against the wall, lifting me up off the floor a little. Pure fire in both of our eyes.

I have never been kissed before. Like THIS.

– Chatty Owl –

65 Replies to “REVERIE”

  1. fantasy fancy. I think it’s pretty clear he heard you enter the room and it just pissed him off how needy you were. He was working for crying out loud, so he hate-fucked you. art.

    1. I’m here. Quietly observing the life go by. A bit dry and exhausted lately, when it comes to writing. Thanks for remembering me!

  2. Dear Chatty,
    Missed You. Mmmm I loved this piece, so Sensual. @Poetic said it best in her second reply. You my Friend have an Awesome talent! I like your style of writing.

    1. Sorry for the gender error 😕.
      Thanks for letting me know. I can at least introduce myself I’m Anastasia, and I’m pleased you have a sense of humour. Besides this gives me the opportunity to visit your site.
      Anastasia 😊

    2. Haha no worries Anastasia and I’m Erik btw, nice to meet you! Also, thanks for visiting, I’ll check out your blog as well when I get some time!! ☺️

    3. Dear Chatty,
      Have you been taking a break? I have not seen any posting from You in a while. I now know that Poetic is Not a female 😊.
      Have A 🍑 (peachy) Day
      ~ A

    1. Shhhh it doesn’t matter if it happened or not, your writing is phenomenal and that is what makes this so damn good!! Plus that photo is fucking unbelievably good!!! Please don’t sell yourself short, you have a gift and it’s ok to let yourself feel good about that!!

  3. Wow, great picture. Is that you? It’s entrancing. The words too, the words spark the imagination, and as you know, anything can happen in the imagination.

  4. Wow. Great start. I can only imagine the next paragraph or two being a delicious test of the senses. 😉

    1. Hah. I was not being subtle at all my dear. I would love to feel… hear what comes next…

  5. I think us females all go there, some it’s as if it were yesterday, for others it was 😉 x Happy Easter Ms Vixen..think that may have to be your new name. Like the short story from you.

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